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    Hello, I was hoping I could get some help or advice with a mod I was trying to make. You see, I wanted to create an item that would give the user a chest plate that would absorb damage up until a certain number, and would then disappear. The item works fine in normal minecraft, but when you use it with DBC things get more difficult. All the enemies seem to be able to bypass armor. This proves problematic for me because then my item is useless. Is there a way I could avoid such a problem? I admittedly haven’t been able to test it against another player yet, but I will later today. If you know what might be causing this or have any advice that would be super helpful.

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    Well I’m assuming you’re talking about coding an actual forge mod and in that case you could use the LivingHurtEvent event and either cancel the event or reduce the amount of damage being done while they’re wearing the specific type of armor you want it to work with and also make it reduce the durability of the armor when it absorbs the damage.

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