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    For servers who want to set up permissions for their players in their respective permissions plugins, I posted it here because it seemed that no one else had posted this on the forums. This text shows the commands with what they do and the permission nodes below.

    – Kazuya Hatamiruu

    /jrmctp – Command to give Training Points
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmctp
    /jrmca – Command to edit attributes
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmca
    /jrmc – Command to reset character and accept move tutor request
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmc
    /jrmcpvp – Enable or disable PVP combat in a dimension
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmcpvp
    /jrmcpvpcheck – Check if PVP combat is on in the current dimension
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmcpvpcheck
    /jrmckills – View who has the top player kills or view a players kills
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmcKills
    /jrmccheck sheet – Check the character sheet of another player
    Node: inRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmcCheck
    /jrmcheal – Command to heal a players energy, body, stamina, or food
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmcHeal
    /jrmcse – Command to edit status effects: kaioken strain, fusion cooldown, godpower time
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmcStatusEffect
    /jrmctech – Command to teach techniques to a player
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmcTech
    /jrmcm – Command to set mission number
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmcm
    /jrmctexp – Command to set exp for custom techniques
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmctexp
    /jrmcrepair – Command to repair clothes
    Node: JinRyuu.JRMCore.ComJrmcRep
    /dbcbuildings – Command to respawn DBC buildings
    Node: JinRyuu.DragonBC.common.Gui.ComRespCon
    /dbc – Command to view location of DBC buildings and accept revive
    Node: JinRyuu.DragonBC.common.Gui.ComDbc
    /dbcspawn – Command to spawn DBC mobs
    Node: JinRyuu.DragonBC.common.Gui.ComDbcSpawn
    /dbcrevive – Command to set the revive timer to 0 for a player
    Node: JinRyuu.DragonBC.common.Gui.ComRevive
    /dbcskill – Command to teach a player a skill
    Node: JinRyuu.DragonBC.common.Gui.ComSkill
    /dbcstrain – Command to remove kaioken strain from a player
    Node: JinRyuu.DragonBC.common.Gui.ComStrain
    /dbcreincarnate – Command to reincarnate a player
    Node: JinRyuu.DragonBC.common.Gui.ComReincarnate
    /jfcgender – Command to set or switch a players gender
    Node: JinRyuu.FamilyC.FamilyCComJFCGen
    /jfc – Command to spawn in a child
    Node: JinRyuu.FamilyC.FamilyCComJFCsoc
    /jycage – Command to set a players age
    Node: JinRyuu.JYearsC.ComJycage
    /jycdate – Command to set the world date
    Node: JinRyuu.JYearsC.ComJycdate

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    Note this:
    The commands are all lowercase, the application that I used to type this capitalized the first letter after each slash by accident.

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      Hello I have an issue, I am the admin of a DBC server and I am trying to use RPG items. I know that i must give the player permission with the item but some of these nodes dont work like the jrmcheal unless if Im doing it wrong so if this is outdate then please update it or tell me how i can find these nodes myself

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    I’ve tried to combine them with rpgitems before and it did not work for me either.

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    For rpg items put a * at the end of the command

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    Hey,can u say to me how work the ki sense sistem?

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    I need the permissions for items, example:
    My players use a Senzu, but it gives an error: “You don’t have permission to use JINRYUUDRAGONBLOCKC_ITEMSENZU”
    I don’t know why, but I tried to use that: jinryuudragonblockc.itemsenzu
    But didn’t worked, if you can help me with this tell me.

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      Sorry for that, now I discovered it was my WorldGuard.
      Sorry for that stupid comment. :/

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    Is there a permission node to disable/allow being able to see when people get tp or stats

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    Do you mean when as an admin seeing them, like the gray message in chat? That’s in the config settings for jrmc core i believe.

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