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      Ninjin Knockback

      A simple knockback mod for DBC 1.4.68.

      This mod was created by me (Hedaox). This mod add a proportional knockback when players or entities are attacking each over and also push back entities/players when stronger players are charging their ki. This mod works with DBC 1.4.68.

      Here a video showing the knockback in action : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-yLpAelcm8 (I you want to know where this Gogeta is from check my other mod : http://main.jingames.net/forums/topic/mod-ninjinentities-adding-hundreds-new-npcs/)

      The main motivation for making this mod is a scene where Mr. Satan is attacking Cell : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEl8bxjRB90. Basically this mod will compare players/entities stats and then apply or not a knockback when attacking. Also when a player is charging his ki, every entities weaker than him will be push back. This should works with any basic mobs.


      This mod is under open source license : GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 What this means is that you can use this mod anyway you want for private use but if you use it any other way you will have to respect this :

      • You cannot claim this mod as being yours.
      • You will have to credit me (Hedaox) for using this mod.

      If you want to modify the mod :

      • You will have to post the modified version publicly, meaning that your code should be easily accessible to everyone.
      • You will have to add this same license to your modified version of this mod.

      You can found the full code in my GitHub : https://github.com/Hedaox/ninjinknockback
      You can found full license here : https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html or in the mod files.

      How to install the mod :

      If you want to use this mod, do not hesitate to PM me, it will make me very happy ^^
      Also if you have problems do not hesitate to PM or ask in the comments below.

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      I am a reader of the forum a little active and I thought about this idea but it was somewhat more basic and I never got to comment on it, I never thought that someone could add it in an extra mod to DBC and you made it perfect, you left me stunned.
      Whenever I use DBC I will use it with your mod, thank you very much for your great contribution.
      PS: Log into my account just to tell you this.

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        Thanks a lot ^^ This is very nice to hear 😀

    • #48437

      I wanted to say that the link in my post above, might be outdated at one point. So if you want to get the last version of my mod always check my GitHub : https://github.com/Hedaox/ninjinknockback

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      Great mod, it will make my singleplayer worlds more fun.

      • #48676

        I hope so ^^

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      Now I don’t have to get annoyingly KB’d by zombies who aren’t even a mere fraction of my power, while sending the lot of them flying like Team Rocket.

      I heard some one say that such knock back properties was impossible to do with the way minecraft handles damage or something before, clearly you have done the impossible if there was any truth in that. Thanks.

      • #48677

        Yeah zombie and skeleton knocking me around was the main reason I created this mod ^^’
        I don’t know why this person thinks it was impossible, but the game is made with Java, I can make another game in the game if I want. But yeah it was not easy, but can be done ^^

      • #48678

        Yeah, the random skeleton arrows was even worse no damage but being moved by a freaking arrow as a Ssj or more especially with custom multis…

        Before this I had editted the NBT data to try and minimize KB so this was a godsend. After a while that felt cheaty and it seems to revert after each new secession that it became tedious. But this is dynamic enough that KB is proportinal to some one who’s truly near your power.

        If you’re still doing Quality of life improvements or dynamic features like this in the future do you think you can find a means to make auras have a sort of ambient light source when toggled on or powering up? It’s another feature I’d love to have seen in the main mod though I can understand it not being top of the priority list.

      • #48685

        Yeah this is a great idea, but sadly I don’t really have the time for that right now :/

      • #48686

        No problem if it’s something that’s even considered is enough.

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