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      ninjinentities is an entities mod for DBC.

      This mod was created by me (Hedaox). This is a simple but very complete mod that add hundreds of new NPCs in the DBC mod.

      Here a video showing all current NPCs added by this mod : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVOn6NEMpUA

      The NPCs use the DBC AI meaning that they can fly and use Ki Attack. Also with the last version of DBC some of them have now an aura ! Also some of the NPCs are “trainers”, this mean that they won’t kill you if they beat you, instead they will put you into a KO state.

      Saga files

      You also can use my personal MainDBC.json for having an already made saga with this mod : https://github.com/Hedaox/ninjinentities/releases/download/

      In the rar file you can found an English and French version of my saga, and also a config file that I recommend for using with this mod. You will have to put the saga file in the “world/data/missions” folder, and the config file in “.minecraft/config”.


      This mod is under open source license : GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 What this means is that you can use this mod anyway you want for private use but if you use it any other way you will have to respect this :

      • You cannot claim this mod as being yours.
      • You will have to credit me (Hedaox) for using this mod.

      If you want to modify the mod :

      • You will have to post the modified version publicly, meaning that your code should be easily accessible to everyone.
      • You will have to add this same license to your modified version of this mod.

      You can found the full code in my GitHub : https://github.com/Hedaox/ninjinentities
      You can found full license here : https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html or in the mod files.

      How to install the mod :

      If you want to use this mod, do not hesitate to MP me, it will make me very happy ^^
      Also if you have problems do not hesitate to MP or ask in the comments below.

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      Brandon E

      If possible could you use some sort of other id configuration instead of the global ids for the dbc entities mod because i get a crash that says “No more entity indicies left” and it has to do with the mod running out of global ids because i use more mods other than just dbc.

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        Yeah I know this problem, but I don’t know how to solve it. If you are a developer you can check the code and solve it yourself.
        For the moment you should just remove some of the mods that add others entities.

        Edit: Yeah I just checked, the problem should be solvable quite easily, I will try to do something myself but I do not guarantee I will do it quick.

        • This reply was modified 1 week, 4 days ago by Hedaox.
        • This reply was modified 1 week, 4 days ago by Hedaox.
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      I just updated the saga files so now there is also a version with TP and Align gain at the end of combats.
      I also wanted to say that the link in my post above might become outdated, so if you want to get the latest version of this mod always check my github : https://github.com/Hedaox/ninjinentities

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      Wow this is honestly incredible you’ve added so much and just as i though i might have done all i could with the dbc mod you’ve given me a reason to restart.
      Thanks:) keep up the good work

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