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    Plamen Tsanev

    Ok here is my idea. With the new mind update in a server I play in there were big changes to the new players (plus me cuz I started anew) and I got this idea. Lets say you have 10 mind.First you know how people train by putting weights and punching each other cuz it gives them tp. In the server its always 3. I talked with the owner and he liked the idea of increasing the tp gain amount by the mind. I mean not like the old way. Lets say you have 50 mind. Then while training with friends you will get rewarded for getting mind. You cant say that its overpowered when the meditation costs 500 mind.

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    Plamen Tsanev

    Sorry if you get confused I meant that if you have 50 mind you will get 50
    tp per hit instead of 3

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    This is already in the mod

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      no it’s not
      for sure not! i would have noticed

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    You can configure the amount of TP gained per mind stat

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    You can configure at what intervals you get more tp (ex. every 5 points in mind you’ll get x more tp) and the amount of tp gained per interval (ex. evvery x points in mind you’ll get 4 more tp.) All you have to do to get 50 tp for having 50 mind is to set the interval to 1 and the amount gained to 1.

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