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    Been working for a while on a custom world that includes a lot of in-depth quests from DB – Super, and I’ve been trying to think of a good mentor system. Is there any way with just DBC and CustomNPCs to get NPCs to teach Ki Attack moves? I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that it isn’t possible with this build of the game. I figured I might as well ask, as I’ve seen servers pull off mentor systems and use custom skills/transformations like UI and Time-Skip. Though, those servers use plugins, and I can’t do that for singleplayer.

    If they can’t teach Ki Attacks then it kinda defeats the purpose for me, don’t just want them to give stats or TP.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Well a way would exist but it would require you to script the NPC and you’d also need to access the “expert only” function that noppes mentions on the scripting javadoc which is something called getMCEntity. What this allows you to do is access forge methods and such and then you’d be able to modify the players playerdata and add ki attacks. However, all this stuff is pretty advanced and without some advanced knowledge with java and forge then you’ll have some trouble getting to the point where you’ll be able to work out all of this.

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    With commands 😀

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    I just used the jrmctech command for the time being. It’s no where near the level I wanted (would prefer the ability to have NPCs give custom ki attacks), but the short list of preset moves work for now. I’ll look into the method Aegous suggested and see what I can do there. Thanks for the tips

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