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      A video I just saw today is Dragon block V a game that seemed interesting but the Combat was way beyond me it isn’t even minecraft anymore the game shows you Do combos of Punch’s and Kicks with also strong right punch’s that send Opponent crashing into structures that get destroyed and you can grab your opponents and throw them the video showed grabbing their face and throwing them this just my opinion but Dragon block C is a Perfectly fun game with all The good story Races Transformations and skills with unique items and features thanks to Jin for giving us of the best mods for dbz fans and Ben for continuing it but after seeing this I feel the next update should add a Whole Combat Overhaul with Hand to hand combat with animations, grabs (Would love to have (Gigantic Rage the puny god move) obviously I m fanboying on this idea too much but if we could get this the game be 100 better because you have the feeling of a dbz character I m just saying this as a Suggestion I m still Grateful for what we have Thank you Jin and Ben and everyone else who helped this is the video I was going crazy over

Viewing 0 reply threads
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