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      So I was on one of my worlds, and tried to make a medical pod for myself. But the medical liquid wasn’t working, I tried reopening the world, testing it on a new world, I restarted my minecraft, I even changed the config for it. Nothing made it function at all, it just acted like normal water.

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      Sam Noé

      That’s already quite an old bug, it’s been quite a pack of udaptes since the last time medical liquid was actually working.
      Strangely enough, on the DBXV server, when I go to the big medical liquid zone in the HTC building as an arco, go back to minimal form and 0% release, it “””seems””” to work. But I could mistake this for the natural regen.
      All of this to say, this is bugged as hell. Sometimes I have to try to find the right way to place myself for 5 min before it works for 1 tick. Not even worth using at that point. Which is dumb considering there’s 2 pods in Freeza’s ship.

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      Ah ok, I normally don’t use medical liquid in my worlds and the last time it worked.
      Good to know, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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