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      Its basically a system which lets you master certain forms by maintaining your form long enough, one example would be mastering SS into FPSS (or Mastered SS).You need to master that form to be able to ascend to the next level of SS in the line (SS2), then you need to master that to get SS3. SS4 doesn’t require any mastery. This is in a way how Goku explained it to the Caulifla in T.O.P, “Master SS2 and you will be able to learn SS3” or something among the lines (Correct me if im wrong). Most likely because you need to have strong Will to not lose control like LSS/Berserk SS.
      Each Mastery decreases the drain of the forms, it also increases the power of each form. (because if we use the Manga’s Perfected SSB, instead of letting a lot of Ki leak out of your Body, you contain some of the leakage, which gives you more power in return. It also explains how LSS and BerserkSS works.) This could also be a way to get Perfected SSB and “Perfect Golden Frieza” in this game, But we’re most likely talking about Ki Control now when its about Perfected SSB.

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      Huh, I definitely think this is a really interesting thing, I sure want to see this in a future update. Great Suggestion My Friend!

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      good idea!

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      I’ve always wanted Jin to add transformation mastery. Transformations are currently too powerful and too easy to obtain and use, even on servers that try to make it challenging. Seriously the guy needs to expand on the strain system and apply it to a transformation mastery mechanic.

      I would personally do something like this for Saiyans:

      Super Saiyan (massive strain) > Super Saiyan (moderate strain) > Ascended (moderate strain)/Super Saiyan(low strain) > Ultra (high strain) > FPSS (no strain and stronger) > SS2 (Moderate strain) > SS3 (very high strain)/SS2 (low strain) > SS4 (moderate strain) > FPSS4 (low strain and stronger)

      For God Ki, I would feature a more intense and special form of strain called God Strain, you can continue using forms over and over unlike the mortal SS forms but they lower in multiplier with more Godly strain and it can even kill you. (Based on the manga)

      SSG (No strain/recovers godly strain) > SSB (Very high godly strain, no strain until you exit it) > MSSB (Can use 100% of power even with godly strain but it slowly kills you) > SSB+SSG switching (Can swap between MSSB and SSG at will to mitigate the strain) > SS Rose (No godly strain due to being a divine being)

      Like the part with Rose implies, GoDs and divine beings would have no godly strain as they are naturally gods instead of mortals wielding the power of a god. As you master your use of god ki you slowly but surely unlock new mechanics or abilities with your god forms that can fight back against the strain or try to slow it.

      Berserker forms have much higher strain but can be mastered like any other form.

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        Thats a really good idea.
        Having a strain system to the forms sounds cool and challenging.
        *After reverting from the forms, you receive the “Strain” status, which will weaken and also make your character tired.
        *Strain isn’t a problem since its based off of Constitution, which means the more Constitution you have, the less the “Strain” status effects you.
        *Godly Strain is interesting as it basically can kill the user as shown by MUI Goku getting strained the crap out by the “Limit-breaking power of Gods”/God Ki. But you can endure the Godly Strain by having enough Constitution as its basically Kaioken’s Strain, but this time the form gets weaker and weaker if used repeatedly. Therefore you can use SSGod to recover from the Godly Strain faster because of its Regenerative ability.
        *God Ki would require a God Ki mechanism instead of God form mechanic or in other words, Ki Control System.
        *Ki Control System would basically be an Advanced Mastery System if i have to say it myself.

        EDIT: Use this link for what i thought of how the God Ki mechanism could work :

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        Yeah that sums up how I feel about it. The most interesting part of Dragon Ball (In terms of Ki) is Ki Control. No matter what way you look at it, ki control is pivotal to a character’s ability to use techniques or forms and the efficiency of those things (It’s also tied directly into the strain of using such forms).

        I consider it like this:

        Mortal Strain = Drains more and more as you grow in strain
        Godly Strain = Forms grow weaker and weaker as you use them and if you force yourself to go beyond your strain, you can die.

        Mortal Strain can be removed by training your mastery of those forms (Your body and ki control while in these forms) but godly strain can not be removed, only mitigated. The only way to stop godly strain entirely is to become a god (God of Destruction, Divine being etc).

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        If we think about, the Strain system wouldn’t be used in most of the servers. Most servers already have the kaioken strain turned off since its inconvenient. The same would go for Mortal Strain and Godly Strain.
        I think this system would be the lowest on the priority list as i like to call it.
        Reason: Most people won’t use this system, including servers.
        It would basically be a waste if it got added, because mastery system is essential for this system, and its probably hard to make a mastery system, probably harder than making UI. But i could be mistaken since i am not a coder of any sorts, so i don’t know anything about coding.

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      Man…I to have a idea for mastery system…But are diferent :/ My idea are the seguint:Change the system of TP for a system of mastery.Dont make sense we punch and get ki sense :/,so,my idea are this:Will be a bar for all skills,and when you use the skill,the bar up.Whill be 10 sub-bars,and at then will need of his mastery and mind (if you be sufficient mastery but not sufficient mind,they not will work!),when are sufficient mastery and mind,press the up button and YAY

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        It would basically make TP (Training Points) slightly more useless as it is right now, and without “Training” you wouldn’t be able to master skills (Level up skills). Therefore it got the name TP (Training Points). As for super saiyan forms and other forms… they don’t require Training to be mastered, you just need to be in that form for long periods of time as said by Goku and Gohan after they got out of the HBTC. Super Saiyan Blue would also work the same, But rather than Goku and Vegeta maintaining that form for long periods of time to master it, they instead force themselves into Mastered SSB which is basically Perfected SSB at this point(Manga Version). This so called Perfected SSB does the opposite of what Mastered SSB does, it uses more stamina rather reduce the drainage, but in return it gives you the Full Potential of SSB aka FPSSB (Mastered SSB).

        Bleh, explaining this is harder than it looks.

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