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      I have been thinking about this in a while, so I’ve decided to share my idea:
      The Perfecting Forms System

      So, we already all know how the forms works now, right?
      You have a Super Form for each race, and as you keep leveling up you achieve more forms. But once you achieve it, you can’t do anything against their ki drain (unless you touch the configs, but that’s not the point)

      What if we had a system to perfect the forms?? Just like Goku and Gohan did for Super Saiyan!

      Now- I know there’s a 4th Grade SSJ that it’s exactly what I mentioned before- but the thing is that not only SSJ can be perfected- but other forms like SSJ2, the Oozaru form, and even SSBlue or Golden Arcosian Form! Heck- even the 100% power of an Arcosian could be mastered! Or even Mystic State as we saw with Gohan!

      Now- how this system would work?
      Well, alongside the Super Form skills, would be a + option that you could click, once you click it, you’d have a list with the forms you have achieved
      Each form would have a leveling up system too, from 1 to 10. As you increase the level of the form, less ki drain you would have- and heck, even your form could get stronger!
      Have you ever seen the Manga where a SSJ2 Trunks could spar a SSJ3 Goku? or even Enraged SSJ2 Vegeta from the anime where he surpassed Goku’s SSJ3 against Beerus!
      We could make those scenes happen in the DBC Mod! Mastering forms in order to decrease their ki drain and use them as our base form- just like Goku and Gohan did with SSJ, but imagine with other forms like SSJ2 or even SSJ3!

      In my opinion, it would be an interesting option added to make forms more interesting than they already are, or even extend our journey in a DBC Mod Survival- or heck even in a server!

      Thanks you for your attention- and I hope you like my idea!!
      I’d love to read your suggestions and ideas- and even if you’re with me!

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      me just putting it all in ssj3 and ssj god ssj evolved. i dea is a bit op.

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