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      You will be able to get it by upgrading UI to level 2
      Dodge rate = 95%
      MUI things =
      High ki drain (when your ki ends it ends because it would be to op with no ki drain)
      how to transform to mui
      hold g when you are in ui and you will transform to mui in 30 seconds while you transform the aura will get bigger and in the 5 seconds of mui you will have a white aura the same of ui but only white and white ssj hair and a black color of skin when you dodge instead of the “woosh” sound it will be the hit teleport sound
      the aura its the same of ui but with some red things and tiny black things
      effects when it ends = pain for 15 minutes and KO for 1 minute
      sorry if i write english bad but i dont speak english im doing my best

Viewing 0 reply threads
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