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      In this post I will bring a couple ideas that occurred to me, some are new and others are reforms of current mechanics of the mod.
      Racial passives, that all races have their passive just like the Arcosians. This system is totally linked to the racial ability (super form) and the racial passive changes according to its level.

      Saiyans – Zenkai:
      Much has been said about this and it is said that it would be unbalanced but if done well it can be balanced.
      When a saiyan leaves a combat (it is necessary to make the mod recognize a combat and certain more data of the combat, such as the time of this) and is badly injured, it will have a plus of training points which changes according to the level In the super form, the zenkai is stronger when the level of the super form is lower and it weakens when you have the super form at a higher level (at maximum level it is almost zero).

      Namekian – Health Regeneration:
      When a Namekian receives a very high almost mortal damage, he will regenerate a certain percentage of life almost instantly in exchange for a little ki and stamina (more stamina than ki), to regenerate it must be a high value of damage received and not be hit by a moment like this it will regenerate (as if it were piccolo in the series). The higher the level of super form, the better the passive (more regeneration percentage, less time to regenerate).

      Humans – Higher Mind:
      Humans have a mind plus unlike other races, which as you improve the super form makes this plus be greater, humans have a multiplier as if they were transformed but only for their statistic of mind (this idea can be adapted also to the mind required for skills and not mind statistics). The higher the level of super form the user has, the greater the mind multiplier.

      Semi Saiyans – Zenkai and Higher Mind:
      I think it’s obvious, the semi-saiyan would have half the passives of the saiyans and humans, the zenkai reduced to half and the higher mind reduced to half. The more you go up the super form, the more the higher mind goes up and the lower the zenkai.

      Arcosian – Power Points:
      As it is now but a reform, the Arcosian when he improves his super form obtains Power Points (PP’s) which when transforming to a form superior to the second form (Third form, Base, Ultimate, Golden and God Form) these points are progressively consume and increase the power of the arcosian, the Power Points are achieved by being less than 50% of power in forms lower than the third form (Second Form, First Form and Minine Form), the idea is that there are more customizable configurations on this passive (of the others as well) such as, for example, what is the maximum of Power Points that the race can get, how much is consumed in each form, when is the multiplier, in what ways the points are regenerated, in which the points are consumed.

      Legendary Reform – Battle Time:
      I think that the legendary should not be a fixed multiplier and that it can only be activated in certain transformations if not a constant state, where the power of the user progressively increases during a fight, the longer in combat this more power gets. In the configuration there should be a section to configure these options of the legendary, one in particular, base multiplier, which will be the multiplier with which the warrior will start and another section of the progressive multiplier, how much multiplied during a fight (time x multiplier) For example, every 10 seconds of combat multiplies X.1 of the power (in all forms).

      Reform to Mind – Buff:
      The more mind the user has, the less debuff time they will have (NoFusion, Strain, KO, Heat), the less time to transform when activating turbo mode (R), less time to boost their power when activating turbo mode (R) .
      Controversial idea, the more you increase your mind, the less your transformations consume (ki only, does not affect the life of the kaioken kaioken), this does not affect ki attacks.

      Ki Blade and Ki Scythe – Progressive consumption:
      Unlike the ki fist, these two ki weapons should have a progressive consumption, which is like a transformation and consume ki while you have them active and not just when you hit. The ki scythe should do more damage and consume more ki.

      Majin – No control:
      When you let yourself be controlled by babidi, your power increases slightly but you cannot de-transform, you will be in your form with more power, you can only lower your power (up to 0%).

      Translated with the google translator, please excuse the misuse of the language.

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