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    Make the Custom Hair a little bit better!
    Example not have the lines you have to click to some point to change them.

    But to drag them and move them you now what i am saying make it better and delete the hair maker what is right now this one is difficult you should make it easier like make it something like dragging or something like that I don’t care but just change it somehow please.Make it easier

    Thank you!

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    The current hair system isn’t hard just take some time to play with it it’s actually not bad

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    Coding a system like that into minecraft would be pretty damn hard.

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    Henry bushard

    Aegous! i didnt think i would run into you here

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      I am everywhere.

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    Henry bushard

    dun dun dun

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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    the big thing that needs to be done is getting the hair system to g3 so we can have ssj3 and ssj4 have their hairs customizable.

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