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    Sam Noé

    So we grind TPs, we spend them to make stronger, alright…but that takes about 15 min or much more of mouse rape to do so when you have a lot.
    So I think there should be next to each attribute a second button. Once clicked, a small window appears displaying “By how much do you want to increase that attribute ?”, a blank zone to type the said amount, the total cost and an OK button. You type the amount, you look if you have enough, if yes, you click OK – which is unclickable if you don’t have enough – and you’re good.
    Not only it saves you from raping your mouse but also it’s an easy way of seeing how much TPs you need to reach a certain level in an attribute. And also, you still can increase you attributes point per point.
    It’s not originally my idea, it’s been already suggested by somebody else, but it went through my mind and I thought it was good enough to be reposted.

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    I support it.

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    Support, amazing idea 😀

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    Good ideia, Support

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