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      Okay! How is everybody? I am going to show/tell some of things i think that could be added to the mod! ;D . Before comenting please , this is only a suggestion and if you are going to critic it … please make a positive critique .Without further ado! Here we start!
      Buff-up : This something that EVERYONE is able to learn , What this do is a skill that , as said , Buffs you up Master Roshi /Cell / Trunks / Vegeta / Goku did , this would have 2 tiers :
      a) “Super Vegeta like”
      b) “Trunks/Roshi” Style”
      This should be able to mix with ANY transformation with a increased or multiplicated ki-drain , For example let’s say SSJ2 has a drain of -20 and this transformation (isn’t supposed to be a game breaker) has a normal drain of -5(the first one the second one would be a drain of -15) , but when mixed would have a drain of -35(-50 when super buff) or so… so it pretty much drains more ki for a multiplier (let’s say ssj2 has a multiplier of 1000% and the buff-up (the normal) has a multiplier of 125% so when mixed it can make a 1250% multi. and so on this is intended to be something that can give you that extra something you need to take that villain down! even if it makes your dextery lower… yeah didnt mention it ? It makes you slower and lowers up your defense (only when transformed , when nomal it has a minimum increase) So you could be your dreamed Ultra Super saiyan 3! and be slow as hell! XD and if you mix this with Kaioken (if configured) you have a lot more to beat people!
      This shouln’t cost much … 15tp ? to level up ? i guess…?
      IDEA NUMBER 2! :
      X-key menu button: This toggles you from going from 1 to 1 form to Base form to the max transformation selected .Example : Normal to Kaiox100 , let’s be honest when you get to kaioken times 100 you already lost a cuarter of your health/body/hp. This can help you in battles to get a faster … chance to counterattack against a powerful enemy … and Goku could go from normal to ssj4 , because he COULD , but this is toggle-able because if we want to go one by one like goku did against Majin Buu (fat) This should be free because is something you have in your body
      IDEA NUMBER 3 :
      Luki’s mastery System :This kinda removes leveling from transformations , getting to the next state or level requires this
      Time with the transformation on : Like goku did with Super saiyan , This makes another use for the time chamber
      Having a certain level: Who else is tired to see people who has just started go super saiyan 3 ? Well i am… Goku didnt transform into Super Saiyan when krillin first died in the original Dragon ball series , am i right? Well if you aren’t meeting one of the requierements you can go :
      Saiyans: False Super Saiyan
      Average races (Nameks, Humans…): Nothing
      Arcosians: Let’s say you want to get 5th form … but instead you will go 100% power(this is just an example)
      Well i could be explaining what forms you could get would take me the whole day
      IDEA NUMBER 4 :
      Custom power up technique : You can get your own Super form ! isnt that exiting? And with the new upcoming mentor update you will be able to teach your friends your own power boost!!! They can only learn the version you have currently and they wouldn’t be able to improve it , the max you can make your technique strong has to be configurable , and the higher it is , The more it drains , the drain can be Ki,Hp or stamina and choose if it last by time or you can hold it … and you can choose how you want the aura to be : Normal, Normal with thunderbolts,Fire aura (Ssjg like) , Fire aura with thunderbolts , SSB Aura , aaaaand ssjb Kaio aura : with the colors you can choose for your ki attacks : Alignment,Red,black,yellow,orange, green and maaaany others
      You could level them up by using them by periods of time you can upgrade the :
      Time it lasts(if chosen), Drain , Power and stability (if you mix it it will be easier to sustain)
      IDEA NUMBER 5 (new)
      The ability tree , related to the previous one . What i believe it should be implemented is that on the V-menu there is your transformation list , it would contain the following items (This is pretty similar to the ki attacks features)
      Name of the trasnformation (for example SSJ)
      Level : 1 to 10 (in this case ill say lvl 2 )
      Ki compsumition/Body compsumition
      Time with the transformation ON : (lets say 20 total minutes)
      Time to the next level (lets say 10 more minutes)
      You can perfect SSJ by making the users body get used to the transformations, same applies to ssj2 , 3 , blue , god , full released and many other ones. You can choose what transformation you want to upgrade , mostly like in a RPG! Still , i am not sure if ANY transformation should be able to master 100% or at least it should be PRETTY PRETTY hard , this would give some use to the Time Chamber , well you have to be X minecraft days in a form to get to the next level which could get you less drain AND drawbacks
      IDEA NUMBER 6 (new)
      Well this one works a bit like the scouters!
      Tier 1 : you can get them from Kaioshins (Shin , Gowasu) With this earings you can stay the hour fused (on DBC time 10 mins) DECREASE OF TIME WITH EACH TRANSFORMATION
      Tier 2 : You need to enhance the Tier 1 by crafting AND get them to someone to upgrade (Supreme kai with a 40% chance , and Wiss with a 70% chance , babidi with a 30% , king kai with a 5% ) and this ones when you transform wouldn’t get you a lower timer , that’s right! you can be on SSJBKKx100 with no drawbacks… but watch your health
      TIER 3 : This one has a 10% chance of geting them , you need to wait a pretty long time to get them , after enhancing them with an enchantment table(still thinking) and then taking them to the old kai , once again … waiting…. and if you get them ! JACKPOT! Obviously , this ones DOESNT HAVE A TIMER ! you choose when to defuse (by pressing H) This ones are for a pretty special situation , you know … these are had to get xD
      ANYWAY! I hope you liked the ideas! (Forgive any mistake while writing , i was exited and didn’t even checked xD)
      Thanks for reading once again!
      Have an awesome day ! 😀

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      Trainer Red

      #1: Kind of pointless since we’ve already got full power frieza race, and ssj grade 1-4. (which is the official name for ‘Ultra Super Saiyan’) This should be a thing for humans, but probably without a speed decrease, because humans are crap as is.

      #2: Would never happen, kaioken is designed so that you lose health when you power-up each stage, doubt that would ever change. Not to mention as of right now, ssj4 is probably going to be a separate skill, and goku has never canonically skipped transformations, as it’s supposed to be impossible, due to ssj2 and 3 just being ssj with more energy poured into them.

      #4: Not only is there no real point in this, seeing as we have more important things that need to be fixed and improved than custom transformations, this would take a crap load of time and would also need to be balanced over multiple updates, I’d rather have actual game play improvement than more transformations which we already have too many of (most of which aren’t even complete).

      #6: What’s the point of going to king kai if you know Whis has the highest success rate. Logical Fallacy. Also, the tier 3 shouldn’t be a thing at all, much too overpowered, it doesn’t matter how much time it takes to obtain, it will be obtained, and it will be overpowered. Tbh, tier 2 shouldn’t be a thing either, or rather, it should be nerfed. Instead of getting rid of drawbacks it should lessen the drawbacks by a very small amount. There’s also the flaw of this system making fusion dance fusion completely irrelevant, which is never good. If you plan on improving this, offer a solution for that, some kind of edge fusion dance has over potara.

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        But how about Goku going kaioken x20 against freeza? And gotenks going straight to ssj 3 when fused again? Or heck … Even videogames have done what i said , like xenoverse 2 .
        Still , thanks for reading and suggesting

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        Trainer Red

        Watch Goku vs Frieza again. When Goku uses kaioken his aura slowly gets bigger, which makes it pretty obvious that he doesn’t go x20 instantly. Let me also remind you that you don’t actually have to say kaioken to use it. Also, when Gotenks goes ssj 3 the first time, he powers up from super saiyan form. If there’s another instance that you’re talking about, it would be cool if you specified so I could find it.

      • #32360

        well , on kaioken , the aura exactly doesn’t grow as you power up
        you can find on this video another example of what im saying at 1:20 and here goku turning ssb without going ssj (but that’s already on the mod)
        Anyway! thanks for suggesting tho!

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      Andrew Hamilton

      I wouldnt mind the custom power ups if there was a team behind the mod, able to pump out alot of content. But alas, thats not the case

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      1) Ascended SSJ Vegeta NEVER used the Buff thing. As stated in both the show and manga, he knew that it would result in him being too slow to fight properly. ASSJ = pure physical training, USSJ = SSJ + Buff.
      Appart of that the idea is good, a substitute to Kaioken.

      2)I think Crimson had talk about that on the devblog, so it may be added someday

      3)False SSJ is reached by only two ways : if you can go SSJ, it’s just like kind of half SSJ. If you can’t go SSJ yet, only pure rage can triggers it, you can’t do this at will, watch the Slug OAV and the episodes with Paikuhan and you’ll understand
      Also…”Average races”, do you say this to stay polite or…? It’s not because they’re underdevlopped that they’re average. Actually Saiyans are average too, only Arcosians are supposed to be born with tremendous power. And I ain’t a Saiyan hater.

      4) Guess it’s good ? I mean it could easily get OP. And we have already enough forms like that.

      5) Finally someone who talks about form mastery.

      6)Potaras are guessed to be planned but…ya know.
      There shouldn’t be tiers at all. I mean there’s never been differents Potara tiers, why should we make it like that ? It would make no sense.
      About the timer…for sure in Z the Potaras are eternal, what happened in Super is, sorry, but nothing else than plot convinence. I agree with that.
      But here it’s a video game. The first ot think is balance. How do you want balance if you’ve got an everlasting OP buff ?
      So it would last like, let’s say 2 minutes(time for a fight), whatever in the world happens( so transforming doesn’t take time away), except if the control player choose to unfuse. I mean this has to be more powerful than Metamol dance, otherwise it’s worthless.
      Basically you’ll have two items : Left Potara and Right Potara. Put one of them on the Head slot an throw the other to your mate, he’ll do the same. If you get in a 5 blocks ray or less, you will automatically fuse. Because you just can’t “accidentaly” fuse this way.
      To get them, talk to Kaio with a certain item in your inventory. This item would be find in loot chests in all the known structure of the vanilla game, but with a 0.1% chance of appearing, why not even less.
      So the buff would be like this : it adds all the stats of the players and multiply the result by 3.
      May seems OP, but it hey it’s Potara dudes, it HAS to be over the other things.

      To give an idea , if you both have 100 in all stats, you’ll get 600, a huge boost but still it’s Gods’fusion.

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        Trainer Red

        Sam, ascended ssj is another name for ssj2 (aka ssj grade 5) vegetas transformation vas ssj grade 2, trunks was grade 3 and the super buff one goku showed off was grade 4.

    • #32319

      Thanks for the suggestions everyone , I feel dumb now anyway xD. Ill try to improve for the next time i guess

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      Dominick Finch

      Ok I agree with pretty much everything but the potara tiers. What I think should happen is that there are two different kinds of potara that actually work. Because I kind of want cosmetic potara. But one would be the potara that we thought of in Z. They are permanent. The other set will be the retconned ones. Now to get to their differences. The retconned will be the stronger of the two, and like you said have a time of ten minutes. Now these will act like the potara in Super that we seen. Like I said these will be the stronger of the two as you have to think about your power usage. The permanent ones will be the same strength as the fusion dance. Because since you don’t have to wire about energy usage they should understandably be weaker. Now to distinguish the two they should obviously be different colors. And to make them easier to distinguish they should have, when you hover over them, the word or letter Z or Super. The Z one being permanent, and the Super one being the retconned.

      • #32322

        What do you mean by permanent ? Cause it’d mean 2 players staying forever together ? Or they can unfuse and refuse at will ? Cause it can be OP like that.
        And look at Vegetto’s Potaras in Z and Super ? See what I mean ? They’re the exact same, given by the same Kaioskin from the same universe and so should work the exact same way. But no because the plot said it. I’m not saying your idea is bad, actually it’s good, I’m just saying that Super totally messed up on this one.

    • #32323

      Potara tiers are a bad idea confirmed xD! Thanks everyone

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        Andrew Hamilton

        Now confirm Half-Life 3.
        Comeon, do it.


      • #32374

        Half life 3 confirmed

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