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    Sam Noé

    (Thanks TheStarHawk for inspiring me this post)
    Travelling from point A to a far way point B in MC has never been this easy, you have to take in account which biomes you come across, food supplies and often stop to sleep or seek shelter as night falls and mobs rise.
    With DBC’s ability to fly for a truly cheap cost, it becomes significantly easier to move around a world, making people move much further than they would in Vanilla.
    But there comes a problem : Flying over 10,000 blocks, it’s boring. Like really. Because you do nothing else than pressing the “Move Forward” key for 10 minutes.
    So why not incorporating an automatic way to travel long distances ?
    Here’s some ideas on how to do that :

    -Travel Flight Mode

    Thanks again to TheStarHawk for this one.

    So his idea was that once a high enough level of the Fly skill has been reached, you unlock a mode that that would allow a sort of AFK flight for long distance travels. A good level would be from Fly lvl 6 and onwards.

    As your character don’t have to focus much on flying since he doesn’t do anything but a straight line, he should be able to fly 25% faster than usual, a boost that’s stackable with Turbo mode. But in exchange, Ki consumption is doubled (so from 2/sec to 4/sec, it’s still ridiculously cheap)

    To use the Travel mode, it would be simple : select Travel mode in the X menu, set your direction and press forward, and there you go, you fly without even touching the key board.

    While in Travel mode, you cannot do anything but :

    -Open your inventory, your stat sheet or any kind of GUI added by another mod.
    -Use the chat.
    -Pause the game (if on server your character keeps moving).

    You’re thrown out of the Travel mode if and only if :

    -You press shift (better than any key, just in case your cat walks on your keyboard while you’re away).
    -You leave the game for any reason.
    -You’re attacked AND you took damage.
    -You’re stopped/blocked by an obstacle.
    -You’re out of Ki.
    -You forget Fly skill.
    -You die.
    -You start transforming (only possible for eventual Saiyans/Halfies that would fly with their head looking upwards under a full moon, but I try to cover a maximum of cases).
    -You’re TP’ed.

    Your next line is : “But what if I’m a noob beginner and I don’t have enough ki to fly such a long distance ?”

    Well there’s still two other ways to fly in this mod.


    It would work the same way as flying yourself, except that Nimbus won’t fly any faster in travel mode, and the fly mode in the X menu is the Nimbus’ and not yours.
    You’ll also be thrown out of the Travel mode if the Nimbus is destroyed, or if your alignement doesn’t match your Nimbus anymore during the flight.
    You are not thrown out if you’re out of ki or forget the Fly skill.

    You’re probably about to say :”What if I’m not good at aiming and want a more precise way to set my destination ?”


    -Space Pod and Target mode

    Target mode is slightly different : it have the same conditions as the Nimbus (except for alignment of course), but you can also, specify XZ target coordinates, Y being the one you have at the beginning of the travel. Target mode can work across dimensions : if you choose a dimension, you’ll be suggested to specify a XZ destination, Y will always be 275 in order to avoid being blocked by any block.
    Once you reach the target coordinates, the Pod stops.

    So if anyone has anything to add/remove/modify, feel free to do so.

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    or another way is instant transmission where u put in xyz coordinates or if u click on your screen then how many blocks that way u wanna go u can also do that

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      Sam Noé

      Instant transmission needs a living being to work, and the weaker and further the living being is, the less likely you are to sense it. Which means you can’t teleport 10k block away using a chicken, unless you have a max level in both Ki Sense and Instant Transmission.

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      Instant Transmission has also been seen to work due to being familiar with the area you’re teleporting to, either by knowing the place by heart, or by physically seeing it.

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      That means we can’t teleport to an area that we never saw on game, right? @thestarhawk

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      More like the areas you could use it for would be limited too entities with high power levels, and areas you’ve been too a lot, such as a trainer’s area if the trainer isn’t particularly strong (such as how Goku has been shown being able to instant trasmit to Kame House, The Lookout, and King Kai’s planet). Perhaps another addition could be wherever you place your bed, as it really has no other use than passing the night in DBC with the death system in place.

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