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    One thing I think would be really cool to see in the mod is long range ki sense, like how it works in DBZ. You’d be able to feel strong ki signatures from far away, and it would give people an incentive to conceal their power, since the Z Fighters don’t walk around at 100% power all the time.

    How it would work:
    -New mode for ki sense (So people with bad pcs don’t have to use it and lag, they could just use the current ki sense. Would also be good if you didn’t want to see lots of ki signatures in the distance)

    -Would work on just players, since npcs aren’t always rendered

    -How strong the ki signature would appear would be based on distance (Big distances, like thousands of blocks, could also be configurable), really strong people could be felt across the whole map. (God ki would have to be invisible to non gods for the most immersion) Having a higher level of ki sense would allow you to sense ki further away and more accurately

    -Lowering your power release enough would hide you from other peoples’ sense, and give an incentive to not just walk around in 100% all the time like people do now

    -Distant Ki signatures would appear on the horizon

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    God form could also be given an extra feature, you would be able to use god ki in base (with a configurable boost that wouldn’t be multiplied by forms, since those would use your true stats) with no drain, so only other gods could sense you. If you tried to use a super form that didn’t use god ki, then people would be able to sense you.

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    And show the nick of the person to the persons know who are.At the anime the goku and others can sense the ki and know who are

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    Alperen Uçar

    he wants a very very powerful computer

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