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    Alberto Gonzalez

    Hey Why Do not You Add The New Transformation ULTRA INSTINCT or Limit Break Pls

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    It’s been a fucking month since Ultra Instinct happened give the man some god damn time he has literally a million better things to do than to add Ultra Instinct.

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    Limit Breaker needs to be more then a transformation, give him some time.

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    There is so little information about ultra instict/limit break that I don’t think it will be introduced to the mod in a while. Maybe when he and everyone else gets to know more about it, then it will be added

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    Sam Noé

    Meh I’ll eat my shoes if they bother giving explanations that actually make sense.
    For now I’ll just laugh each time someone will ask for UI.

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    There is not yet enough information on Ultra Instinct to just slap a transformation int othe mod for the public. It may not even be a transformation, or it could just be something different entirely.

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      we’ll probaply know in episode 118 ;D

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    Akai Ryu

    Ult-Instinct is not really a transformation its just where your body reacts without thinking we can do that in real life too, look at a pic of Ult-Instinct it looks diff from the pic we where given of goku’s new transformation so we need more info on it first

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