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    I’ve heard this before and i’m upgrading it.
    So this is the part I’m taking from somewhere else:
    Add a Minecraft body next to the health bar, these represent each limb. Green means it’s fine, Yellow means it’s damaged, orange means it’s badly damaged, and Black means it has fallen off.

    You can’t take off a limb by just attacking it. You need to use a ki attack. It’s more likely to take it off with a disc move.

    Now here is how I’m changing it:

    Red means the limb is broken, you can get it here by attacking it
    Namekians can regenerate fallen limbs at the cost of stamina, in doing so they also replenish some health.
    you can replace a limb with a robotic one, Kind of like Bucky from Captain America winter soldier.
    Eating a senzu will heal limbs, it can’t replace them though. The only way to replace limbs is namekian regeneration, dying, or using robotic limbs.

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    Sam Noé

    It’s been discussed on devblog, and your post doesn’t bring much new ideas.

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    I-I dont see what you upgraded…

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    actually you could regrow limbs by eating a handfull of senzus

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