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      IG Y

      Just wanna hear your opinions about this tiny thread.

      It’s still in the test stage now though, whad’ya guys think about the Ultra Instinct ability, the system itself and and its future; how powerful could it be when it’s completed?

      Pardon me speaking some non-DBC mods here, but with UI on, I survived multiple times in most of the continuous nuclear explosions(especially Rival Rebels), even with a little damage received. Like c’mon, we can do this. At the end of the test stage and furthermore later that, I reckon we might be able to beat the hell out of the Chaos Guardian in the Draconic Evolution MUCH easier.

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      lol tru. cant wait for auto reaction. id love to just like counter melee attacks

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      I feel like the Sigh or Omen Should be a small boost as in the Show and anime Goku never seemed to have gotten on, but master should give you a decent small power increase to power level like say something like x100 or something as you get auto movement which should be the main thing you get with the form and it shouldn’t be a form that gives you a massive power up you already got Auto movement what more can this form do for you.

      If you guys think different please this is only my Opinion so don’t tie me to a cross and burn me for it.

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      i feel that ui sign and omen should be to seperate transformations, but barely distinguishable

      UI omen : SSJBEKKX20 (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution Kaioken Time 20) multiplier with maybe 50% dodge chance, which is pretty good if you ask me

      UI sign : same multiplier as before but 55% dodge chance, decreased ki consumption/stamina consumption and increased heat bar filling.

      MUI: 75% dodge chance, 2 times the previous multiplier, even further reduced ki/stamina consumption and an even faster filling heat bar.
      – Added Automovement – when dodging maybe, i dunno, instantly fire a ki blast back or punch or
      something. whatever it is, it’ll be fun.

      Actually i may make a topic centred around automovement

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