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    Jason Bourne

    I think Legendary Super Saiyan is a very cool thing, especially in the mod. Now that it’s canon though, it needs a few changes to suit it’s canon needs. Currently when you go LSSJ your hair goes bright lime, and you get a bigger than average buff. But honestly, this is very lack luster compared to the actual canon version. LSSJ has it’s three stages, 1, 2, and 3. 3 is the blandest since it just gives you the classic SSJ3 look. I have a few ideas on how to make it less bland and more accurate. Number one, the forms. Instead of just LSSJ1-LSSJ3 maybe you could have something else, like in the movie Broly’s ‘first form’ was his eyes turning yellow, and him gaining a greenish aura around his body. His hair did spike up a bit but it retained color. So maybe that’s what LSSJ1 could be. Eyes and Aura change along with a buff. For Form 2, you would get regular Super Saiyan, blond hair, exc. Of course this version would be stronger. Then form 3 would make your hair a less bright green. It wouldn’t look like SSJ3. It would retain the same shape, just grow a bit longer and turn green. Your eyes would also dissipate. Each one of these forms increases your size greatly. Not just make you fat, but instead more tall and buff

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    I agree with you. The current LSSJ is basically the SSJ with the green hair.

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    This needs to be different, especially after this new movie. Relying on Kefla, or Kale is not a good idea, they are from another universe, work differently.

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    Okay in the broly movie Broly got spiky hair in base form was because he was tapping in the The Oozaru form without a tail, second his transformation 2 which was actually Ssj which I believe would be the normal version he got which would make sense and his Eye problem was due to his rage like goku had when he first transformed Losing his eyes like that which also adds up and I mean I would be pissed if someone killed my father in front of me to the point of a new form and no eyes, and the only thing that changed for him was full power form which was basically him gaining Green hair and a great/ decent power up. Now you can hate me for this which is what I feel when I saw the movie I don’t care this is my opinion so I hope you can respect that and be mature that I was being Logical to what I was looking at when I watched the show.

    Also as a Side note even tho there from another universe doesn’t make them non-Saiyans they can still function as a normal saiyan the only thing they didn’t have a Break moment to become Super saiyans which they aren’t that bad as they will be able to help in the future Which I don’t like it either that when they didn’t have that moment to become ssj but there still characters you got to live with it you can’t avoid it either.

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    But you have to remember that the LSSJ is not only a hair of different color, even its size is much larger than the SSJ, and not because of the “Grade”. I understand that what you said is fact, but it is still important to bring that old Broly style, with its pupilless eyes, its gigantic size, and its strength that can compare with a “god.” Of course the first form has no need to possess, but the next forms have a total need to exist.

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    I’m not saying I want to see the New brolys version as I would much prefer the one we have now as it isn’t to bad I will admit that I can live with it for now the way it is.

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    Sam Noé

    If the Legendary system works as it does right now it’s because, as people tend to forget, Saiyans aren’t the only race in the mod. But having a separate Legendary form for each race would be better I think.
    I mean, to make it short and clear, Legendary might need a bit of a rework.

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