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      I have the following question, Is there any plans on updating the Legendary SSJ forms?

      In my humble opinion, it may need an update for making the legendary transformations look more like the movies; i’ll explain myself:

      The legendary transformations (for Saiyans and Half-Saiyans) are only normal transformations with green hair, and when we see the movies (both Z movies and the “new” Super’s Broly movie), we can notice that the legendary transformations are pretty different from the normal ones.

      The first difference is the size, especially the LSSJ transformation (both Z and Super versions), which can double base form size, and greatly increase its muscles size, much more than SSJ Grade 3 form (form in the mod).

      The second difference is the eyes, which both turn white, because of being in a berserk state

      The third difference is ki regeneration and power, which both are limitless, but that could be configurable to adjust them.

      A thing that could be made would be make extra transformations, Z or Super:

      Z version:

      – Restricted Super Saiyan
      – Super Saiyan (like in “the Return of the Legendary Warrior” movie)
      – Legendary Super Saiyan (like in the original 1993 movie )(player’s size increase)
      – Legendary Super Saiyan 3 (seen in video games)(player’s size increase)
      – Legendary Super Saiyan 4 (seen in video games)(player’s size increase)
      – Legendary Super Saiyan God (seen in “The Real 4D” movie)(player’s size increase)

      Super version:

      – Broly’s Rage form (we’ll call it Rage form)(player’s size increase)
      – Super Saiyan Rage (the form with yellow hair, being in SSJ state)
      – Super Saiyan Rage Full Power (the form with green hair)

      Remember, this is only my opinion, i love the mod and the work you are doing on it, but i feel that this is something that would make the mod better

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