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    I love the mod, I have been playing on the Official server for over a year and after you get god there is nothing to aim for except getting stronger which is not wrong but i would prefer if Jin would make some more status for servers to make quests around. For instance once you have beaten the End you can talk to Whis to get divine on Jins server, I like that, I wold like to expand on that. Let’s say you could get the status of god of destruction, not sure what it would do but let’s say it was a configurable boost to str. For instance you would get a 3-5k str and will boost that would not factor in for the drain on forms but you would lose 6-10k dex to balance it? Than a similar thing for an angel status that would boost dex by 3-5k, than reduce str and wil by 3-5k each? This would have two uses first being an easy way to make changes to your character with out needing to redo your stats after killing a tough boss, instead of having an abundance of dex after you could just drop the angel status? And secondly it would make it so there would be some more options for the late game players.

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    There could also be some other status like supreme kai in training, it could give you a CON boost for SPI. Than not sure what you would call the SPI boost for CON? I do believe they should have a day or two real world cool down so it is not something that you will always have unless you play smart and are lucky a bit. Though I imagine that it would/could be configurable for the servers, anyways I would love to hear some thoughts on my ramblings

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