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    people want ki sord they needs to have it.
    so we gotta do the thing to get us there,
    Here's where we are
    here’s where we are
    Here's where we wanna be
    and here’s where we wanna be.

    Got it? Good? Ok, lets go.

    First of all you gotta be able to cut up the blocky, soon-to-be-dead, midget whos messing with your stuff! Wham-Bam now you got no hands, makes it happen Jin.

    Secondly, everyone get hungry right? Well now you can make a sandwich using your brand new ki sords! Grab an bread, grab the hands of that guy you just killed, grab anything else you like, and prepare it using your ki sord. You could even use the ki soerds to hold the sandwich if you want to!

    And lastly you could make your ki sorwd any size you want! Got a small dingle dangle to compensate for? BAM! Now your ki sord is 20 feet long! Want to carve out your foes liver and sell it? BAM! tiny ki swod to get the job done right!

    Best part is: This will likely get taken down since it isn’t productive or useful in the least bit!

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    i logged in first time for around a year and a half to say

    delet this

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    Understandable, but I shall not stop until many more have meningitis from reading this post.

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    Ur mom

    Lmao yeah we need ki sords, I wanna make samwidge

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    cancer bump

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