Ki blast Idea. Ultra ki blastssssss. AND KI SORD!

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      so you decided to come to my corner.
      he he he.
      Here be the idea.
      so you have your normal ki blasts that take up a skill slot. and they are useless right.
      well i’m just thinking, bump up the dmg a bit and make them have a recharge time that lowers with levels of a skill. i think they should have their own skill slot that unlocks after
      a. you got the actual KI BLAST skill
      b. you are at least 1 mind.
      simple. boring.
      but wait.
      it turns out that all of a sudden you can customize it when the skill lvl reaches 5! you can make an explosive ki blast (explodes when ki overcharges, more on that ltr), a rush ki blast (ki blast barrage that uses less ki at the expens of damage but can be overwhelming and has immense “pressure”, something i will discuss on another day and/or a rush/tracking ki blast, that follows your cursor. Before i continue i must say these will be hard to code and i dont care if they are not added, just want to say this now.
      Now about overcharge. …
      im lazy and also this is based of another idea, and is no way shape or form mine sooo… ill just put the link.

    • Gimme ki sord boiy

      See ya another day.

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    bump T-T

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    I don’t know about this as we already have a working Ki system and all you need is to know how to use it as people who become Glass cannons need that as there main way of fighting which I like to play Glass cannons sometimes.

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    Thnx for the feedback!
    I’m not necessarily saying we change the ki system.
    Just think of it as a… new attack.
    The ki blast skill will be seperate from all other ki related “things”
    and it will be in another skill slot.
    You can be a glass cannon still.
    But you can also be a machine gun or a tank with explosive shells.
    I’m just thinking of other options due to me getting annoyed with the current
    “useless” ki blasts.

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