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    There should be a new ki attack that you can make or learn, but i dont know who you would learn it from, where it is a ki blade like what Zamasu had.
    How it would work:
    So it would work like a regular ki attack where you charge it up but then when you use it your aura would surround your hand and you would gain a strength boost. It constantly drain your ki and would last for maybe 2 mins or until you run out of ki. It would be able to stack on top of transformations, but then it would increase he ki drain.

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    Sam Noé

    FOR FUCK’S SAKE !!!!!!!

    Though it’s been a long time.

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    Plamen Tsanev

    Thats a good idea but there should be an NPC (maybe vegeta and badidi idk) teaching you this skill. It may be called “Ki concentration” which unlocks a new tab at creating ki attacks that says “Blade” after “Large Blast” at all this is the best idea I have seen in a long time considering the fact that kiddos make ultra instinct suggestions with 1 sentence and they are all over the place=

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      Sam Noé

      Nah you don’t get it, ki blade used to be the thing kiddos made suggestion about with 1 sentence, and I can confirm you that his idea, being at least the 50th upon this topic, has nothing new comared to all the others.

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