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      If you are somehow reading this and don’t know what Dragon Block or Dragon Ball Z is then you should leave. But just incase you stay, KI is a type of energy. It’s “Very Bowerful” when shot in energy waves. I mean it steal’s most of your energy for the cost of…5 punches at best, but “Bery BoWeRfUl”.

      Just not in Dragon Block. As I just said, a KI attack will only do as much as a punch if you keep it balanced (maybe a tad more I haven’t done much math) While at the same time draining a good chunk of your KI. Now towards the end of the saga, unless your maxing out in stats you generally need to be at a higher form to beat the enemy’s. I generally am using SSJ3 by the time of Buu, but some people use God Forms by then. And those can take ALOT of your KI, so you need to use it wisely.

      KI attack’s are cool. I mean it’s Dragon Ball and explosions are cool on their own right? But why would I use up a chunk of my KI that I need for my transformation just to do what is a miniscuel amount of damage? Point is, the KI system needs to be improved. And I have a thoughts that might be interesting.

      Now Jin did an AMAZING job with this mod, and should be more well known for this even outside of DBZ fans as a mod of it’s own. But the main issues are these: Punches>KI Damage, KI drained from attacks, the mentor’s super moves, and density (IMO-will be more clear later).
      1/2. New System Idea/ Punches>KI Dammage/Ki Drain from Ki attacks

      unless you focus on you will power, your punches will typically do more damage then KI blast. Punches are faster and cheaper, not to mention more reliable. Punches run off of stamina, which increases with Constitution and your health, not too mention it cost less in comparison to your KI. Too add on top of this it dosent cost you TP to as you don’t need to learn how to punch. On the Contrary, you GAIN TP! So how do we fix it? Well here was my idea. If your willpower and strength are the same stat, your KI attack you create will do TRIPLE your punch damage…permanently. It will NEVER improve on raw damage. I’ll set some numbers to help explain.

      Punch=100 damage
      KI attack (100%)=300 damage.

      Now this serve’s two things. It gives you something strong that will ACTUALLY be worth TP if your smart about it, and you wont immediately make a KI attack. why would you create a KI attack at 10 will power when you can get to 30 willpower and that KI technique would already seem outdated? When if you did it at say willpower 50, it’s a good time if you play casually before 150 stats, meaning the technique would be okay. As for why it doesn’t get more powerful, it’s because that’s how the show/games are. Think about it. Goku’s Kamehameha wasn’t enough so he made the Super Kameahmeha. Then the 10x Kamehameha. Or with Vegeta, it went from; Galic Gun, then Big Bang Attack, afterwords Final Flash, then his ultimate attack Final Explosion (take Gamma Burst Flash/Final Shine as you will). Instead of increasing your raw damage you’d increase something like Charge Time, or Charge Cost (however the move’s would still get increases from Transformations, as your punches would. However they’d also cost that much more KI.). It will FORCE YOU to make new KI moves if your wanting to use them, instead of making one technique and using it through the whole game.

      This also takes care of the KI<Dammage due to the KI attack’s being MUCH more powerful, and being worth the KI if it’s effective/it hits. It’s also possible that different KI attack’s can have different multiplies of damage compared to punches, but that’s not what im willing to dig into.
      3. Mentor Super moves

      Their pretty useless. MOst of them are weaker then your techniques that you can create, and they have no density which mean’s they cant nock back enemy KI blast. They need to either be buffed, or if using the system I’ve suggested so far, they should be worth the TP cost. If you gave all the mentor moves one density, they’d be extremely more useful as is. To add onto this as a side note, sense the density involves the enemy and reference to this idea, the enemy KI blast all have density highter then 0 and deal WAY more damage then their punches. So your Kamehameha’s from Goku and Roshi aint gonna do crap if you don’t wait to dodge and counter. SPEAKING OF WHICH!
      4. finally density.

      I think density as a whole is stupid. Now I understand if density was retrospective on the type of move (EX: I don’t expect a death beam to push back a Kamehameha Wave.). However that’s not how a move works. Take the broly Kamehameha scene. The orb was the size of his hand, and it tanked two Kamehameha’s. Now it DID grow in power, but a third Kamehameha was enough to completely shatter it. so I shall give another example. Goku’s Spirt Bomb vs Frieza’s Death Ball. While this is also arguable, since frieza didn’t see the attack, the Spirit Bomb basically ate that attack. But if you need another example you cant argue, Goku’s Kamehameha vs Vegeta’s Galic Gun. Goku ended up putting more power into his Kamehameha and beat Vegeta. His attack wasn’t more DENSE, he had more POWER! And that’s how it should be. IF your KI attack does 300 damage at base, and another attack has 320 KI, it’d be a slow struggle but you should still end up loosing. However I understand why it was implemented, and for what the system is, it’s okay. However I still think using Power is better.

      anyway this was a bit of a rant from me. I would be glad to discuss Ideas, but this was basically what I came up with in two hours during a late new years party earlier…also spent three hours typing this so I GUESS you can add that ontop of that. Till then, ciao!

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      i would usually have a lot more to say to this but i just woke up and im lazy so ill just say two things,
      ki attack damage shoukd increase, BUT
      you would have to evolve your ki attack which would greatly increase one thing like density, or speed and then you rename it and if u want change the looks

      also density should increase with power but still remain the same so thatif u make an attack for the purpose of pushing back attacks with high density, dmg and speed is lowered. i agree with the types of density though but i think certain attacks just start with higher levels of density – like spirit bomb is 10 while death ball is 5 for example
      death beam would be two and have a penetrate i think that would go through attacks (maybe) but not push them

      maybe i will be back to fully respond later

      for now, cya!

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