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    I think ki attack really needs to be worked on as it plays a big part in the dbc mod.

    One such instance is being able to fill up the slots that can be taught by masters with your own custom ki attacks because not much of the master’s ki attacks are useful or even as strong. The only thing I use is powerball as a saiyan. So perhaps the ki attacks taught by masters should be more stronger.

    Also, I think that the damage of the ki attacks should vary as I dont think lasers should do the same damage that a large blast should. Lasers > Blast > Spiral > Wave > Large Blast ) in terms of damage output. Sure it may be all the same because you can level it up but if a large blast and spiral have all the levels in damage, they’re both going to do the same amount in the end.

    The level cap for the ki attacks should be expanded, but the cap in each attribute should max at 10. So let’s say level cap for Ki attack is 30 and I’m at like level 12. My density reached Density:10 hence I cannot upgrade this stat any further and my other 2 levels would go in something like size.

    And lastly, ki attacks for physical/melee should be a thing too. Like ki blades that goku black and vegito used. the ki shield that android 17 could do and being able to make a shield around his fist to raise his damage temporarily. Ki blades can be toggled, draining little but constant ki but the damage is constant regardless of willpower.


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