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    The ki system is lackluster, imo. Spirals have almost no use, disks and large blasts aren’t that good in battle, waves are OP asf against entities, etc.

    Now, i’ve come up with some ideas on how they could be improved.

    1. More/less than 100% Ki Power usage maximum in an attack:
    Basically, some types of attacks should be able to go above 100%, some below. So personally, i think:
    Lasers should have a 70% Max.
    Large Blasts should have a 350% Max.
    Spirals should have a 300% Max.
    Disks should have a 260% Max.
    Blasts should have a 220% Max.
    Waves should have a 100% Max, but if a player is caught on a wave, he shouldn’t be able to move, so he can get hit like 5 times.

    2. Cast time
    Now, in the series, if an attack is weaker than you, it takes very little time to charge. For example:
    Freeza casually blowing up planet vegeta with 1 finger
    Raditz’s double sunday
    Practically all ki blasts.

    So my idea is that if the attack has less than 100% ki power, it should take less than 5 seconds, excluding waves. Waves should have less than 5 seconds of a cast time if their ki power is below 50%.

    3. Random features
    First, all of the attacks should go through mobs if they kill them. I’m not sure if this is possible, but i mean, if you have a real tough blast that drains a lot, and it’s gonna be the killing blow of like super buu or something, but a rabbit or something gets in the way… That’s annoying as all hell. Plus, it will be really cool being able to just clear areas with one strong attack. No need to blast the dinosaurs at namek 50 times to get rid of ’em, being able to aim well and take them all out with just 1 blast would feel really good.

    Second, lazers and spirals should always go through opponents. This doesn’t make sense, but whatever, it gives a good advantage to these types of ki attacks.

    Third, the explosion radius should depend on the attack’s damage. It just feels good to see your attacks explosion get bigger as you become stronger, starting from exploding 2 blocks and ending up blowing up hundreads.

    4. DBC mobs should always teleport behind you every once in a while, or maybe they should always follow you at pretty fast speeds.

    Why is this in a ki attack idea post, you ask? Well, ki blasts are VERY op up until super perfect cell. If you’re able to withstand 1 hit from the mob, you can basically kill it with ki attacks. Avoiding their blasts is pretty easy, and getting healing items is even easier considering namek is choke full of dinosaurs. If all mobs teleported in front of you every 5-10 seconds if you were in their range, which should be around 40 blocks so you can’t blast them from far away and get over with it, i feel like ki blasts would be much more balanced overall.

    Anyways i just thought this would be a nice addition to dbc as ki blasts are kind of weird rn.

    Also if your defense is higher than the opponents attack damage you should take 0 damage instead of 1, and you shouldn’t even get knockback. Make it happen >_>

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    Sam Noé

    I’d see a change for basic ki blast ( I mean the premade Ki Blast technique) : making it a generic attack. I mean instead of wasting a technique slot for what’s supposed to be basic and spammable, there should a key to shoot an instant basic blast of a normal size. No overcharge, just a normal blast. That’d make ki waaaay mor usable in a middle of a fight (instead of I dunno a wave your has seen coming from miles away.)

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