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      I have two ideas to give out, that came to me and thought would be good.

      First, I don’t know if this is trackable, everyone would love timer’s on quests, for example: Let’s say you do the Ender dwarves quests and 5 hours go by, if you right click the quest to try and get it it will say in red “This quest is not yet ready, come back in (x time)!” in that instance being 19 hours. this is just a little thing that would be really nice, if it is trackable that is.

      Secondary would be, if every day we get different bonuses, this being just a little thing to make players come back every day and get those bonuses! Every day of the week would have these, and weekends would have the best, for example:

      Monday: Loot day, in this day everyone gets higher chances of loot drops!
      Just examples, and for the weekend, it should be the best days since not everyone can get on on weekdays:
      Saturday: RPGweapon xp day, x1.5 exp, or just increased xp to it adjustable by the admins
      Sunday: TP day! Again, a multiplier to TP gain, i don’t know how possible this is but if it is i would like to see it!

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      This is supposed to go to the server’s forum, not on the main forums.
      You’d bette repost it, they probably won’t see it here.

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