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    Alberto I. Alvarez

    Make a jiren race aka the Grey race and have the form be similar to Ultra Instinct. Also please make a blast so it removes lssj

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    No, this can be very op. Dbc grace is lacking very fast ….

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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    I called this being a thing
    short answer? no.

    jiren is so stupidly overpowered for this series. and we don’t know much (if at all) about his race. that if he is the exception, or if all of jirens race are that stupidly overpowered. if the latter, then it is definitely not something i want in dbc.

    besides, there are still at least TWO other races (universe 7 no less) that have been long-requested for the mod before any new race from super could possibly be added.
    bio androids and the majin race. BOTH of which have at least two (or more) individuals in the expanded heroes continuity. if it doesn’t have at least two or more members confirmed in at LEAST the heroes continuity (heroes, xenoverse 1-2,etc) then it is pointless to even ask.

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    “Make a blast so it removes lssj?” Are you kidding? Last I remember from reading you lose that form upon death. Why even ask about creating a blast move to remove it from someone. That’s like saying, ” Yo, I see you’re a super saiyan god, one second, kabooom!! Took your god power from you. Good luck. ” And as far as a Jiren race goes, why not just grab a Jiren skin and choose the default skin option to remain looking like yourself while being a different race at the same time?

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    Why dont you just wait until Majin is released and make your Majin grey?

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    I have a better idea, why not just make a generic alien race for the misfits like zarbon, dedoria, jiren etc? I don’t really like Jiren and I don’t want a Jiren race but I do want a generic alien race

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      a generic race would actually be cool. in all honesty, i think there could be something like the frieza force “race.” essentially there are many different variations for a frieza soldier grunt. from human-like to alien. why not just lump them all into one race? appule, the blue guy, and the countless reskins of raspberry.

      and for zarbon and dodoria, the race they would have would be “frieza army leutenants.”

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    Sam Noé

    Well I don’t see the point of a Jiren race. He’s just incredibely OP to have an excuse to throw in a new form. Out of that he’ll just have the same role as Hit : a reserve OP character, just in case of the writing becomes too obviously shitty. OUt of that we won’t see him anymore after this arc.
    So no, and the idea of a generic alien race is from far better. But please, a bullshit such as Jiren doesn’t deserve a race.

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