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    You will be accused of speedhacking by moderators and helpers and therefore banned straight away for using “speedhacks”.

    This case is a legit case of a Spiritualist Arcosian with Dash Level 10.

    I have contacted the “victim” for the Staff abuse to find out reasonable answers.
    I have confirmed that they’re not speedhacking and I even myself reached the same speed by following their footsteps in terms of Race, Skills and Class.

    Recently there has been a severe case of staff abusing/missuing their powers of banning. The player GodZamasu was recent banned of jingames because of “”””Speed Hacking””””” If this was the case then the staff have full right to ban this no good cheater, however this isn’t the case.

    The character GodZamasu made was a spiritualist(boosts speed and defence) Arcosian(Fastest Race, Human 2nd and half-saiyan 3rd) with max dash(speed skill), and this according to the staff is classed as a speed hack.

    If the speed they used was actually unnatural then it isn’t a speed hack just a glitch with the mod as he never used a speed hack(this evident by the fact when the staff asked him to run he was still running at the same speed he has always done and with speed hacks you can turn it off an on).

    The abuse/missuse of staff powers comes in when they simply ban him for just assuming he used a speed hack when GodZamasu himself was willing to prove his innocence with a share of screens via skype or discord.

    And instead of giving him this chance they ban him and his alt from the server, banned him from the discord chat removing the platform he used to defend himself.

    If a staff member worth their merit could fix this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Looking into it

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    It has been looked into and it seems he was able to easily speed past an experienced player with the same build, but higher stats. It seems a bit fishy and very hard to disprove something like this. I can’t guarantee an unban with evidence like this brought forth. This is currently being tested by an Admin of the server.

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    He is willing to show you his entire mod folder while being on the server at the same time, he will share screens and everything to prove that he is innocent.

    Now the thing is.
    Whoever tested this said it earlier that they also tested it “same race and higher stats”.
    Now the thing that everyone forgets is the Dash skill, turbo, double tap W and the last would be being a spiritualist.

    If they haven’t done any of those, then they haven’t really proven anything.

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    The player has now been unbanned. I apologize for the banning as from what I and others saw, it looked to be hacks. I had no idea that a spiritualist arco that had super low dex could still outspeed an arco martial artist who had 6k dex.

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    Also, this was tested with Dash. The player we had initially compared them to had Dash level 10.

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    Thank you for unbanning and understanding. It means a lot to us speed users.

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    I apologise too, since some of the staff kinda left out that the guy who compared himself to weren’t spiritualist but a martial artist when I was testing, but retesting shows that spiritualist is faster. I only noticed it when testing we had exactly the same speed so I asked the player himself what class he is. I am sorry again.

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    it’s alright lads

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