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      The kaioken currently is more of another form than a technique with risk. In the config you can set it to activate to not activate and if its set to activate (which everyone does) then you can run around for 20 minutes non stop smacking around whomever you want. Kaioken needs a revamp and I have three ideas to improve it.

      1. Risk and Return – Strain
      When activating the kaioken at full hp, it should have a 25% chance to work and take away 2% of your hp (excluding god forms, not ssb) (default). This is to help display the power and control needed to use it (which of course means super saiyan blue forms and Full forms (human and namekian i think) can use this form more easily (maybe 30% chance) due to the less concentration needed to use it, and all god forms (not super saiyan blue though) should have a 50% chance for it to activate). If activation fails then you lost a bit of health and you get the strain status. If the activation works though, your health will drop as normal with the occasional status debuff happening. Dropping out of kaioken (or failing to activate it) will cause 5% of ones ki to be lost.
      If you fail and keep holding the transform button then you will force yourself into kaioken, (still losing that health and ki though) and will instantly get 5 seconds strain. Going between stages also cost some hp and ki.

      2. I’ll Give This Last attack Everything I’ve Got!
      Every 25% of hp you lose not only increases the chance of activationg the kaioken by 10%, it also increases the damage of your attack by a further 10%. This is to help balance it a bit due to the low activation chance. Once below 25% hp you will instantly go into a form called…
      King Kaioken! or something like that. This form is the exact same as kaioken except increased ki damage and ki drain.

      3. There’s No Telling How High I Can Go!
      this just increases transformation speed and chance by 10%, as well as power-up speed, stamina regen and ki-regen when in kaioken X4 and above. It also means when under 75% hp and you are transforming from kaioken times three to times four to times five (when holding down transform button and not clicking individually) then you have a chance to go straight to times ten without the individual ki and hp loss.

      I believe that with these three things added we can make kaioken great again!

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      Sam Noé

      Really not a fan of putting the success of your transformation inbetween the hand of lucks, especially considering you don’t power-up instantaneously

      Kaioken needs revamp but I feel it’s not gonna go the right way like that. If you can’t have a 100% chance of transforming AND you lose health each time you fail, then it just lose way too much interest.

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