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    I haven’t seen this on the Forum yet (and I haven’t read through it very througly), so forgive me If this has been reported already.

    Alright, I’ll keep it short.
    When I am in the God Form for Arcosians and someone cuts my Tail, It sets me back to Minimal.
    This is extremely bad for Events such as a Tournament of Power or generic Tournaments with Ki allowed ‘n Stuff.

    Yet, If I am in Ssj4 and get my Tail Cut, It’s as if nothing has ever changed. [Could be intended, though.]

    I’d be glad If this gets fixed in the next Update.
    – Argon.

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    Dragon Block C release version 1.4.44
    FIXED – SS4 was accessible without tail

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      He’s not talking about that, he knows that you can’t access SS4 without having a tail, thing is, if you cut an SS4’s tail, he doesn’t drop to base, which I’m guessing isn’t Jin’s intention.

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