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    now what I mean by the max stat limits is that i want my max stats to be at least 1M not 100K
    is there anyway to do that?

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    Probably yes,but not are easy if are how :/

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    You must change configuration of JinGames Core mod. Change the .CFG file to a notepad, then go to Attribute Over limit, and make it true

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    that max attribute over the limit is with powerups not in general. I’m sure you can understand what I mean after this. say I wanted to set the limit over 100,000 such as 500,000 then I would go into the config and change it. but I’ve tried changing the max attribute limit in config but it didn’t work. I want the max attribute limit to be somewhere near 400,000. if you can find out how to then let me know.

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