Is it true about the dragon blocks (dragon balls)?

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      I read this article, saying that once you had granted, the dragon balls can only be used once a year, so the question is does it mean once a year in the game or once a year in the real world? Also the same question for the Namek’s dragon balls

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      Sam Noé

      When you pick up a dragon ball, wheter it’s in its normal or stone state, it will be in it’s normal state when you’ll place it anyway.
      Once you dispose the 7 DBs in a H shape and right click the middle one, they all dissapear, and you’ll have to hunt them again. But if you were to have several sets of DBs, you can use them in a row without any problem.

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      Plus I think your Thinking about the anime Tower because I believed they had a rule like that you could only use them then you would have to wait for a year or so.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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