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      Winston Moore

      I am attempting to make a Dragon Block server for me and my friends to play on with the Mods, Dragon Block C and Years C. It has not been stated on anywhere that I have searched actually HOW to “bump up” the TP gain. If you could answer my question that would be very much appreciated, thank you in advance.

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      Okay, the way TP Gain works on dragon block c is with mind:
      The more mind you have, the more TP you gain with punches. But, in the default config files the TP you get increases by 1 every 200 mind, so it’s really shitty.

      To pumb it up you have to:
      First, press the windows button and “r” at the same time
      Second, type “%Appdata%” on the search bar.
      Third, locate .minecraft, double click it, go into the config folder and find the “jinryuujrmcore.cfg” file
      Then open it with notepad++.
      Scroll down and down until you find these two options:

      # Server Sided! Based on Mind Attribute increase. With every ‘configured amount’ in Mind attribute the TP gain will increase by 1 OR with the amount configured at ‘Training Point Gain – TP amount gained’. Rate can be from 1 to 10000 (default: 200)
      I:”Training Point Gain – ‘TP gain / melee’ rate”=200

      # Server Sided! Tp gain can be, from 1 to 100. (default: 1)
      I:”Training Point Gain – TP amount gained”=1

      The first one is how much mind you need to increase the TP Gain, and the second one is how much the TP Gain gets increased with every configured mind amount. I suggest making it so the TP Gain increases by 1 per 1 mind, it’s the most balanced way to do it, and it makes you gain TP very fast when you start out. But it still has some grinding, if you want it to have a lot less grinding, make it so every 1 mind your TP gain increases by 2.

      Hope this wasn’t too confusing/big and i helped!

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        Winston Moore

        Thank you, as this was very helpful, it worked even more swell then I had hoped.

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      how do i change the tp gain in mac?

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      Mircea Cel Batran

      can i be a part of that server too? im on cracked version and i see only premium versions can i be on that server until 1st of august cuz then ill get premium minecraft

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