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      My ideas;

      Arcosian race;
      At the beginning, after you create your character, he’ll be in Minimal form, it’s not the end, and you’ll have to upar his super form.
      Being 1 form: multiply 2x your power
      Then 2 way: multiply 3x your power
      3 way: multiply 10x your power
      4 way: multiply 60x your power
      Once you acquire super form 4, it will be your base, type when you press “H” twice, it will stay in 4 form.
      Super shape: multiply 90x your power.

      Ultimate form:
      It will be like this, you will have to buy divine form.
      Divine form nvl 1: your eyes will be red.
      Divine form nvl 2: it would combine ultimatum form with divine form and can choose the color and its aura.
      Obs: why this form exceeds ssj blue,
      So it’s going to be divine form.

      Ability to namekusejin:
      Regeneration, it will be so the regeneration will spend his to recover his life and when he is nvl Max, will spend less ki and recover his life more.

      Ability to sayajin and Arcosian:
      Zenkai: After you die, Zenkai will increase 15 for all your statuses, the same for Arcosian.
      And when you resurrect Zenkai will increase 5 for all your status.

      New breed:
      Add majin breed, Android, bio-Android. With advantages and disadvantages.

      New power and 1 npc:
      Add bills to learn how to use hakai!
      Hakai will work like this, it will be of the purple ball type and when he hits the enemy, he dies instantly.
      But, hakai spends half of his ki.

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      Alan Wilian Godoy

      boua ideia

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      for power multipliers as long as you play on your own world, you can modify the config files and make each form exactly how strong/weak you want for any race

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      Igor Santos

      pq nao colocou em portugues

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      Sam Noé

      Are you even aware of how OP and unbalanced every single thing you’ve suggested is ?
      As Uprising stated most thing are configurable but damn son ! One shot attack ? Health regen based on ki – I guess cuz your sentence is incomplete – for the class that has the most ? Free stats increase when you die ?
      You know when you suggest something, it gotta be something that actually improves gameplay, interface, playstyle, et cetera, but there you’re just randomly giving free OP boosts.
      Next time, state your base idea, develop it, and be sure it’s balanced enough. Lack of balance can kill a game easily.

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