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    Before reading please note that these the following are more like notes of my imagination gone wild then suggestions. Some of these ideas are way to wild and unreasonable to implement. But if there is a chance that I can inspire a new function or improvement then it might be worth adding sharing this.

    Namekians feel like they play a very small role in the mod right now. So here are a few idea to make them more appealing to play as.

    On Namek, Namekians get a TP bonus when training.

    All Namekians start with (or are able to lean) a unique skill: regeneration. This Ki technique removes ki, and transforms it into HP. Higher levels increase the effective ki-HP ratio.
    Upon character creation, instead of choosing a gender (I say this because I use Family C too) Namekians choose between the Warrior Clan or the Dragon Clan.

    Warrior Clan
    Gains the ability to fuse with Dragon Clan Namekians. This is a permanent fusion, and the Dragon Clan Namekian will be forced to reincarnate.

    Dragon Clan
    Dragon Clan Namekians can create their own dragonballs. (This works better if combined with my ideas for changes in how dragonballs work)

    When they create a set of dragonballs they choose the type of wishes. The amount and types of wishes this dragon grants are decided on the basis of points
    For example:

    A player gets 25 points to allocate to their dragon.
    – Revive (2pts)
    o Revive all alignment (5pts)
     Revive all (20pts)
    – Age change (3pts)
    o Immortality (20pts)
    – Item
    o Diamond (2pts)
    o Katching (10pts)
    o Chip (1pts)
    – Time for next spawn
    o Every day (10pts)
    o Every 2 days (7pts)
    o Every 3 days (4pts)
    o Every 4 days (1pts)
    o Every 7 days (0pts)
    – Create a new planet (14pts)
    – Etc.

    Dragon Clan made dragonballs are also bound to the dimension they were created in. If a Dragon Clan Namekian is dead, their dragonballs will no longer work. And if their character is ‘deleted’ by eiter fusing with a Warrior Clan or just reincarnating, their dragonballs will be removed from the game.


    Safe zones
    It sucks that you see several dragonballs lying around at safezones, but aren’t able to pick them up. Adding the ability to right click them and adding them to the interact list in the config file would remedy this problem.

    Limited amount
    A maximum limit of the same types of dragonballs that can be spawned in at the same time. The amount that can maximum exist at the same time can be changed in the config (minimum 7), or simply turned off if the admin desires so.

    When you have an entire server running after the same pair of dragonballs it creates a sense of competition. It also adds to the rarity if the item. And in combination with the Dragon Clan idea, it can be possible for there to not be a shortage of dragonballs and wishes.

    For this to be doable several limits need to be put in place: When logging out or leaving the dimension, dragonballs are removed from your inventory and drop as blocks on the ground.

    This would however, make it a bad gameplay element for servers that use protection plugins to prevent griefing. Because players can be locked out of gathering all dragonballs because of protection put in place.

    Dragon Radar
    Right now, the dragon radar is not too much help. You can use it to check if you looked over something near you, but it doesn’t help you locate dragonballs.

    Item storage
    Being able to find dragonballs on the radar while they are in a storage and inventory.<

    Distance filter
    The dragon radar is able to show several layers of distance. By right clicking you can switch between different modes on the radar. You might need to upgrade the radar to better tiers to increase the radius.

    Local: Shows dragonballs in a radius of 100 blocks
    Region: Shows dragonballs in a radius of 500 blocks
    World: This layer doesn’t show the location of the dragonballs. Instead it shows you the direction you have to go find them, it also shows the amount that are currently in the world.

    One thing that I find irritating about training gear is the speed at which it gets destroyed. It would be nice to have a config option to make training gear unbreakable.

    For passive training to work, you need to equip training equipment that lowers your current (single?) stat. Over time you will start to increase the stat back to normal, the speed of stat increase differs from the difference between your current stat and the amount that it is being decreased with.

    Padded gloves: Lowers your damage, but slowly increases your strength stat
    Weighted clothes: Lowers your speed, but slowly increases your dexterity stat
    Resistance Training Suit: Lowers your max HP, but slowly increases your constitution stat
    Energy absorbers: Lowers your ki damage, but slowly increases your willpower stat
    Energy dissolvers: Lowers your ki pool, but slowly increases your mind stat
    Headphones: Lowers your ki regen, but slowly increases your concentration stat

    Like the current gravity and weighted clothes system, active training equipment lowers several stats. Unlike passive training, active training gives a TP bonus when used and does not add passive training.

    Having a fight between 2 people to increase your TP is a fun thing. But it is a bit frustrating when you die every time you spar with someone. So adding an interaction menu or command that starts a sparring match between 2 players might help.

    Just like normal PVP sparring would keep the battle going until one player reaches 0 HP. However instead of dying and going to Otherworld, the losing player is returned to 1 HP. The players can’t damage each other for 10-15 seconds. Giving a chance to restore or flee.

    Jinn, let us know that this year (2018) he wants to start working on implementing the androidification system.

    Becoming an Android
    In the series we see 2 mayor players in the creation of androids:
    1)Dr. Gero: He can be used by evil players to become androids. He will spawn with his (underground) lab in the wasteland biome added by the mod.
    2)The Brief Family: Can turn neutral and good players into Androids. They will spawn in Capsule Corp. which will spawn in plains biome (near a village)

    Unlimited energy
    In the series (especially in Super) we are being reminded that androids don’t get tired and that they have unlimited energy. This can be translated to the mod in that androids do not lose ki and stamina.

    No Ki Sense
    It has also been shown that androids can’t sense energy, but at the same time they can’t be sensed.

    It would be somewhat weird (and slightly overpowerd) if android players would also be able to transform. Because they lack certain organic elements. At best Androids would be able to upgrade themselves or temporary fuse together without needing the fusion technique. This fusion would be permanent until one of the 2 decides to stop the fusion.

    Jinn talked about wanting to add random planets at a certain point in the (far) future. According to him these planets would differ from normal ones by being destroyable.

    Planet generation
    Planets have a maximum generation radius. Beyond that there is only void. This makes planets less ‘tedious’ to explore and easier to meet up on.

    Destroying a planet
    To destroy a planet you need to hit the bedrock layer with a certain force of energy attack. After that is achieved, the planet will slowly transform. Water will turn into lava, grass into scorched earth, etc. On occasion a large flame will spout from the planet, dealing damage to players and enteties caught in it.

    Continuing to attack the bedrock layer may result in more frequent and more powerfull fire spouts, darker sky and the eventual erasure of the planet(/dimension), for this a timer will appear, givingb everyone on the planet 5-10 minutes to leave.

    Arcosians that are on a planet when it gets erased get dumped into the galaxy map since they can survive in space. All other players that were on the planet die.

    Red Ribbon base
    The Red Ribbon Army was one of the big bads during the original Dragonball series. These bases could contain enemies like that have to do with it.

    Yes, these already exist in the mod. But they don’t do anything. Maybe you can give them different classes like healer, trader, etc. to make them do something like what villagers do in vanilla Minecraft.

    Aliens that have their own planet. They work just like Namekian villagers, but they can also teach the player instant transmission.
    Instant transmission can be used as a ki technique to teleport to visited safe zones and 1 or 2 recorded locations by the player.

    Red Ribbon soldier
    Low tier enemy, spawns in bases.

    Taking an example from the Gameboy games bandits could be spawned in the world.

    Giant crabs
    Spawns in Namek sea.


    Anoher example from the gameboy game are majins as seen in Buu’s Fury. Strength of Pui Pui.

    Frieza soldiers
    Can spawn on planets and will attack any good or neutral player.

    Nimbus cloud that spawns in Otherworld, killing adds to evil points

    Corrupt soul
    Black nimbus cloud that spawns in Otherworld, killing adds to good points

    Because the mods are for 1.7.10 they unfortunally can’t use the capsule mod that starts at 1.8. So it would be nice to have a 1.7.10 alternative.

    Multiplayer ships
    If planets are going to be a thing it might be easier to traverse the galaxy together.

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    your idea is incredible

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    6 Star Ball

    Passive training sounds super cool and makes alot of sense…
    I ship this post

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    The 1.7.10 alternative to the capsule mod is the geochests mod

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      Oh, that’s nice to know. Thanks 🙂

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    slight addition I would suggest to instant transmition. Make it so that you can teleport to Players if they’re at 100% in turbo mode, because people need to release their power so that the user can find them.

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    Henry bushard

    i like all your ideas exept for 2 number one androids cant transform when they become androids they get stronger they have unlimited stamina and ki but should beable to transform as what happens is that they add things to your body mehcnical things that go or replace your organic things but one thing it doesnt change is your race i mean if 18 was a saiyan and could go ssj beforee she became and android then became an android she could still become ssj
    to balance this out you dont have unlimited ki your ki just regenerates by it self and when you transform it drains ki but less ki than it usally does but still unlimited stamina.
    number 2 when the namekens fuse and teh other one dissapears and has to restart no just no imagin you spend like 1 year on a server getting strong then you fused and you would loose all that and have to resatrt i think you should have an increased timer if you fuse as a namekian so it should take 3 times longer to revive if nobody revives you

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      I get where you’re coming from. But the idea was mainly to make fusion meaningfull by adding sacrefice to increasing another players strenght.
      There is also other option to limit the amount of times you can fuse with another namekian (and that the log records who you fused with to prevent fusing with the same person)

      But as stated, the ideas are just my imagination gone wild.

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    So I was reading a fan manga for dragon ball and how about androids at first don’t have ki or stamina consumption, and the idea in the fan manga was that androids would slowly deteriorate over time and would need to use tp to repair, or craft a repair kit that you put on your weight slot and reduces your stats until you’re fully repaired.

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