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      Evenin’ I’ve been following the fine mods Jin’s made for a number of years now and I’m a programmer by trade, primarily I’ve noticed a few things that could make for more interesting play style options.

      Firstly, in the config file it’d be wonderful if we could control how many slots you can have for skills.

      One thing I’ve noticed is that the use of Chakra Control for water walking and tree climbing (wall climbing) are super costly even at the max level. Honestly each feature being a separate skill to learn and master until at the higher levels the drain would be hard to notice.

      In terms of elements, I’ve noticed an interesting feature on an abandoned version of another Naruto mod where the Earth affinity lets the user summon dirt, Water of course summons water and Wood allows the user to sprout trees.

      Something I think would also be interesting is having the 8 Gates, they’d function similarly to Kaioken.

      Adding Fuinjutsu (Sealing) would be much more interesting as well, for example being able to use Summons such as Frogs, Snakes and other creatures. It’d also give the chance for various dimensions for each of the summons.

      Another option for Sealing would be things like teleporting or carrying more items than they normally can.

      The usage of shurikenjutsu to throw more shuriken at once and take from the user’s own inventory (or the shuriken sealed within their seals (such as possibly wristbands).

      Weighted training gear handed out by a shopkeeper or perhaps Might Gai inside Konoha would also be really appreciated.

      On another note. I’m finally taking the time to work on making mods namely NPCs such as shinobis that spawn.

      I’ve also been kicking around the idea of making my own custom Hidden Villages that would spawn in just like normal ones, depending on where they spawn, they’d have varying attacks and user’s can win gear and items including new special enchantments by defeating the shinobi.

      I’d love some feedback on everything I’ve listed.

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      i think it’s great

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      Additional things I’d love to see include a Shuriken holster item that works as a wore piece of gear that lets you throw one selected item that is within, maybe 4 slots? It’d be fantastic, similar to how a lot of quiver mods work.

      Though thrown weapons will need to be fixed first ;D

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        i was thinking for shurikens since jutsus you have to use the handseals, you could use a similar system to dragonblock c’s ki attack. their would be a slot on the side depending on how many holsters you have, (leg, back,) and their size (small, large) you could use control scroll wheel to go through your pouched weapns, and then control right click to hold it, then release to throw.

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        Yeah that would be a pretty good solution for that.

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