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      NOTE: This is an edit from another of my posts, I will add ideas that I consider good and write them here, taking ideas from videogames and the canon.
      After reading some posts from Dragon Universe forums, I realized ZEQ2 Lite was not the only good Dragon Ball system, I mean, the idea of mixing Ki and HP is really good, going back to Dragon Universe…
      Dragon Universe is a BYOND game that I recently discovered, it had AWESOME systems for Training, Combat, Forms and Death.
      By the way, ZEQ2 Lite is an indie game that is an only-fighting game that has a DAMN GOOD fighting/HP/Ki system.
      I will also take ideas form another games/users, just comment them below this post.
      This post is going to be a little bit long so I will divide the post in 4 topics:
      –Little Party Revamp
      -Fighting duration and clothing damage

      So, first of all…

      By Dragon Universe we get a very nice idea, very similar from what Jinryuu wanted to recreate but making Sparring A LOT more useful and configurable, also punching bags/pushups/exercises too.
      Here in this post, we are going to take into account FOR FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD, Meditation, so how is this going to work? A quiet mode with minigames, this system should be slower than physical training, being upgraded by the Meditation Skill/MND to be able to be better than the physical training, just like concentration but OPer, also on the Buu Saga (Anime), Piccolo trains with the system I’m trying to explain now, he stays on a yoga/somewhat pose and there was a blue aura with lightings around him, Mr. Popo confirms that he is training because he is powering up (I thought about Spiritualists and their hard lives.). Shadow sparring should be buffed too.
      Now Gravity, using Gravity devices or staying on places with different gravities will make you train slower or faster depending if the Gravity is higher or lower, this system will upgrade Physical Training by percents(Meditation too, but this last system wont affect your stayment on the gravity device/place), obviously, this last training system being influenced by your level/STR/DEX, gravity must hurt you to make you get TPs. Training with weights on Gravity devices/places will obviously stack.
      Going back to the usefulness of the trainings, physical trainings should give you STR/DEX/CON points without having to put TPs on it, the same with Meditation but instead of STR/DEX/CON, it would level up WIL/MND/SPI, also giving TPs at the same time to spend in the stuff you want to.
      (Ending with this first topic, I wanna say that I would prefer a lot to train without TPs to having a crappy and generic RPG system.) [All these trainings should be configurable to make them OP or crappy depending on the server target]
      Jinryuu already explained how these will be, but I prefer that Zenkai Boosts have a chance to work on you and give a big buff. But I don’t hope this is very good if there is not a big nerf for Saiyans/Half-Saiyans

      This will be short, as a mini topic from the post, just a simple party system as the one we already have but a little improved with your party members health and ki on the display, easy as that, if someone disconnects, he will leave the party and if it is a 2 player party, then the party would disband.

      FORMS (and Anger)
      First of all, you would need a BP or Level requeriment, as in Dragon Universe, if parties were added, anger would be easier to add too, a good anger system for all races should be a bar that fills when receiving punches or when someone attacks party members, depending on the DMG that your party members/you take (Having low health helps too), you will fill your anger bar and depending on the anger bar and your level (Higher than the requeriment, easier to get), you will get more chance to get your next form, with a scale for being harder when trying to get higher forms. Also, if you are fighting with a player that has the form that you are trying to get, you will get the status effect called Influenced, this one making the form easier to get and having a duration of 30 sec. so it is not exploitable, also the effect should not make a very high difference. If you get the chance to turn on your next form, a message should show up or a status effect as Kaioken but yellow, this status effect should last 2 min. (Suggested name: Despair), giving you the ability to transform, if you choose to transform, you will get the form at level 1 (similar to LSSJ but making the chance to get the status higher if you have these facts.), then you will have to master it, to master it, you must stay in that form for a certain time, like the Potential Unleashed form but backwards, instead of lowering your level, it would level up and forms would have its own skill, not just “Super Form”, depending on the level, less ki drain and more power percent control, after you master that form, then you are going to be able to get the next step,.. I know some people is going to tell me: What about with SSJG2 and SSJG3? The answer to that question is that you wont have to master completely the SSJ Form first to get them, just get to the half of the max level and you can get it, so when you get the max level of the form, you get the SSJFullPower, all the forms will require a certain level and the higher the form is, the lower the chance will be, so you will need to mix all the facts to get forms, anger, influence and having low HP.

      Ex: Base -(BP and minimal Anger for chances)-> SSJ Lvlmax.10]
      If your SSJ skill is Lvl.5 you unlock ASSJ(Lvlmax.10),..
      If your SSJ skill is Lvl.8-9 & your ASSJ skill is Lv.5 you unlock USSJ(Lvlmax.15),..
      SSJLvl.10 –> SSJFP replaces SSJ, having a brighter/whiter color and full percent control of
      SSJ. (You don’t need ASSJ or USSJ to have SSJFP.).
      SSJFP + Min. Anger/Influence/Near Death + BP required = ?% Chance to get Despair and turn SSJ2 (Lvlmax.20)
      SSJ2Lvl.15 + Min. Anger/Influence/Near Death + BP required = ?% Chance to get Despair and turn SSJ3 (Lvlmax.30)

      Base -(Full moon and tail)-> Oozaru (Lvlmax.2)-> (OozaruLvl.2 + SSJLvl.10 + BP) -> Golden
      Oozaru (Lvlmax.3) -> (GoldenOozaruLvl.3[Having GoldenOozaru at level 3 gives chance to get
      the status]) -> SSJ4 (Lvlmax.40)

      Base -(GodForm Lvl.1 — My idea to include GodForm in this system is by using the God Ritual
      but all the members of the ritual must have a certain BP, also the one that will go God must
      have a higher and certain BP, higher than the SSJ4 requeriment, once you do the ritual, you
      get the skill, I’m not a lot into DBS series, so if you know another method, please tell me
      down below, hypotetical GodForm max level could be 20)-> SSJG ->(GodForm Lvl.10)-> SSJB/SSJR

      As you see, ASSJ/USSJ and SSJ2/SSJ3 are not in the same tree, they are all variations,
      anyways if I do it as I want (No need to get SSJ2 to get SSJ3), it would be too confusing
      for people that does not know about the series, all Super Saiyan forms that are not Super
      Saiyan Full Power are all variations, excepting SSJB/R and SSJG & Oozaru and Golden Oozaru.
      Also, you just need the BP/Anger/Influence/etc. requeriment one time, after that you just
      level it up by using it, by time, as I said, P.U use backwards, but instead of leveling up
      in base, you have to stay that time on the form. If you use Oozaru/GoldenOozaru and the
      level of the form is 1, you will attack everything, without control, after you turn SSJ4 for
      first time, I had an idea of losing Golden Oozaru, but I don’t know how much canon is that,
      I mean GT is not even canon, but considering Toei’s own canon, I don’t remember if they
      mention if SSJ4 replaces G.Oozaru.

      Finally, Kaioken, as a form that is learned and does not require anger like P.U., you must learn the skill and then use it till you master it, this wont have different skills for multipliers, an only skill is enough, but it would be better to have a deep system like the Super Form one.
      P.U. is learned as a skill too, learning it and having it maxed when you buy it would be better than having to level it up when you buy it, obviously, the cost of the form would be higher but you will just have to sustain it, having it at max level from buying it once. (The sustain should cost poor TP amounts and you can’t lost the skill, you just have to reactivate it or follow the Jinryuu “Have to train” system that makes you lose some Atributes if you don’t train or fight at least on short periods of time.).
      To go Oozaru you must see the moon just as the system that we have, Golden Oozaru will work the same but instead of getting SSJ4 after mastering SSJ3, you get it after SSJ2 or SSJFullPower, and you must master Golden Oozaru to turn SSJ4, this may take multiple tries until you finally master it, the time for mastering GoldenOozaru/Oozaru should be very short, if it is not mastered, you attack random people and if you are in a party, you automatically leave the party.
      (Random Idea: Make Half Saiyans to get SSJ and its variants a lot easier, also nerf them in another aspect like not being able to get SSJ4.).
      Fusions, Fusion is like a form and I must talk about this…
      The fusions are okay as they are right now, just there are some details missing as the hairs should be mixed or the fusion should get the Metamoru Clothing instantly, closing this topic, I don’t want to talk a lot about Potara, if I made it, I would make crafteable Potara Earrings (1 set per craft), then you get 2 with your nickname, after that you can give 1 of your earrings to someone and both of you have to equip it in the Ctrl + E inventory on the head slot (to fuse you must be at a required distance, no more than 10 blocks I think.). After that, the 2 players are
      pushed as in the series and they fuse, I know different race fusions are hard to make but skipping that topic, it should be like a normal fusion but with the clothes mixed and lasting more than a Metamoru fusion.

      I will mix these three ideas in one, they are pretty similar and don’t deserve a topic by themselves, first of all, customizable melee attacks, not a very deep system, just having an aura on the depending limb (Jinryuu already talked about a limb system so I’m going to shut up and not talk about that one.) or have concentrated Ki and release a harder punch, talking about a harder punch, I will talk about a hard/knockback punch here too, this would work by holding your mouse and releasing it or using Ctrl (I don’t know a lot about choosing the right button :P), if you do on the floor or a solid block, you should make a hole or break it.
      The next mini topic is about HP-KI, for this I’m going to talk about an ZEQ2 Lite inspired idea, the ZEQ2 Lite HP-KI system is based on mixing them, that would make sentences on the series like using all of your Ki or your 100% is deadly, also depending on the percent of your power control, you will use more or less Ki so it would be more or less dangerous. Making Ki Attacks deadly even for the user. Stamina could stay the same or not, but that is not that important.
      I’m not forgetting about Super Forms, forms like SSJ3 would be very dangerous and you would need a certain HP-KI/percent to transform in a higher form, so you wont be able to turn SSJ3 being near to death and going back to base if you get to low HP-KI, this HP-KI system is kinda impossible because it would be hard to do and Jinryuu may not have time/might be just lazy to do it.
      Going back to losing super forms when receiving lots of punches, a K.O System would be very good, I mean, instead of the 0HP system that we have, being K.O and eating a Senzu Bean/being vulnerable/exposed from being killed (kidnapped, thrown or carried maybe?). This last idea is mostly for Tournaments, because it is impossible to knock someone out. With this system, things like losing Fly status or falling down for some seconds when low health would be awesome and would work on Tournaments.

      We are reaching the end of the post, try not to sleep till I finish please.
      This system would be just the Dragon Universe system but a little revamped to make it Minecraft.
      Talking about ages I’m going to Years C and Family C topics and I won’t to talk about that, but as Jinryuu is making all those mods compatible, being dead makes you immortal, also an immortal wish wouldn’t be that bad. Difficulty to leave afterlife should be configurable accord to the server or the map. With wishes, you should be able to revive people that died a configurable time ago, also adding Mass Revives to revive all the players killed by a player or to revive all the players killed within a certain time.
      Reincarnation should make lost stats easier to get but restarting to level 1 (Ex: You reset at level 1000, so it will be easier to train till that level but you will revive at level 1.).
      Android bodies could slightly change some facts about this. Back to Years C and Family C, being older at some point means that you will start to lose TPs.
      Also, dying while dead should destroy your soul COMPLETELY, if you die when you are dead, you automatically reincarnate. (But maybe without TP boost till you get your level before you died?)
      You should be able to wish to get back your youth self or immortality.
      Or maybe, adding quests to revive or even quests to do with King Kai to learn his skills, that brings me to the next and FINAL TOPIC.

      The customizable skills are okay, I can’t understand why some servers disable teaching skills.
      Anyways, learning skills from teachers by just buying them is like they are nothing but NPCs, quests to get skills may work well, I would suggest fighting with masters to get their skills but it may be very messy for servers.
      Once you get a NPC skill, you can master it too, when Muten Roshi “taught” Goku the Kamehameha, he did a very powerful one, but still not as strong as Muten Roshi’s one.
      If you master a NPC skill you should be able to use it as base in the Customizable Skill sheet, like Wave – Blast – Giant Blast – Kamehameha – etc.
      If you use the Kamehameha base, it will be a lot more powerful than a wave, obviously more expensive but you can level up a mastered NPC skill, with this last system, you can upgrade Kamehameha and make variations like Kamehameha x10, Super Kamehameha or even Goten’s DBXenoverse Kamehameha (A faster one but weaker.), or even Black Kamehameha.
      I’m not forgetting about “Special Techniques”, Jinryuu already talked about this on the “Combat Revamp” post on the DevBlog.
      1-3 slots unlocked by mind for Special Techniques like Instant Transmission, Solar Flare, Power Ball, etc.
      Why 1-3 slots? I know it would be annoying to use only one, and even more if you like SSJ4 but you want to use Instant Transmission at the same time.

      Fights are fast, if we take a look from the manga/series, there were fights lasting more than 30 minutes, here in the game, fights don’t even last a minute. This could be fixed by increasing CON/DEX utility, K.O system would help too, making some K.Os until you finally can’t stand up, like everytime you get K.Oed, you lose a little bit of K.O regeneration, making it harder for you to stand up, this could be influenced by the damage you took. This whole system will be mixed with…
      We all love this feature, but it’s broken by boots, pants and training shirt (Kami’s one.), What am I talking about? Boots and pants get damaged a lot faster than Shirts/Gi/Armors/etc., training shirts too, so when you are fighting you will end with a damaged Gi, no pants, no boots.
      My recomendation is to make boots, pants, bodysuits (Bodysuits should get damaged while fighting, it seems Jinryuu didn’t add it yet)and shirts to last more than Gi/Armor/etc.
      If not, just make boots, pants to be damaged till they are on the red usage bar and then they get changed by unbreakable clothing but damaged.
      Ex: If your pants get damaged to red, they will be replaced by unbreakable pants but with the same texture you had when they were damaged to red, they will be damaged but you can’t lose them, also repairing clothing would help.

      The aura/turbo won’t be just a speed up, it will take twice the Ki it takes now but it would be upgraded, like a skill for making it to boost your DEX too, the more upgrades you have for your aura, the more Ki it will drain. (As Kaioken has an automatic aura, I don’t know if it would be obligatory for staying in that form, as we know, Kaioken aura can be stopped, if you do it, your HP drain stops too, so you can use it when you think you need it, for now, the only way to do this is going to your final kaioken form (Imagine that it is x100) and hold G, you can’t do this while you are using another forms, that’s something I would like to change.).
      Travelling Aura
      This is a mini topic I must talk about, first of all, I already know that this topic was something talked in DevBlog, so it will be taken into account.
      We already have dynamic flight and common aura, if you mix them you get a travelling swoop, my recomendation is to just make the flight faster to be accord to the system, this should be configurable/upgradeable.

      If you didn’t fall asleep, congratulations, I think you read one of the largests posts on the forum.
      I hope this idea is at least read by the staff because I lost more than 2 hours of my life collecting and writing information.

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