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      1. Instant transmission
      With this skill you can teleport behind an enemy and teleport to the masters like King Kai or Cell.

      2. New Masters
      Whis – He teaches god form and before you can learn something of him, you have to get 1000000 BP
      Picollo – He teaches Ki attacks and Ki-based skills.
      Broly – If you want to learn skills from him, you have to beat him first. He teaches his special attacks and Ki attacks based on damage.

      3. More Sagas
      Broly Saga – first, you have to get on the new planet Vegeta and have to fight Broly in his base form. Then you have to beat him in ss2 and finally in his legendary form.

      Otherworld Saga – You are in the otherworld and fight against the fighters in the OWMA. If you kill Paikuhan you get a trophy.

      Resurrection Saga – You have to fight against all the evil enemies you fought before(Frieza(Gold form), Cell, (Kid)Boo) but all of them are WAY more powerful.

      Battle of Gods Saga – Beerus is attacking the earth and you have to transform in a SSG or Blue.

      Universal Survival Saga – This is the last saga and the most difficult. You are in the void world on the stage and have to fight against all universes(80 diffrent enemies). The last fighters are Hit, Kale(Berserk form), Frieza(he decided to kill his team members) and Jiren. If you fought them all you won the tournament and get extra TP. Once, if you started the saga, you can’t leave the place.

      4. Universes
      All 12 universes. I know, it’s hard to code, but it would be really nice. You can go into universe 6 and fight Cabba, Caulifla and Kale in her berserk form.

      5. Future
      You can get a time machine and travel back, or forward in time. If you travel back you can fight new enemies like Janemba. If you travel forward you can fight Omega Shenron and SS4 goku.

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      Thumbs up! Great ideas! Only problem is that Whis should teach you a BIT later at a higher bp and post BoG saga. Also we should have pure RoF saga where you hv to go blue, but in BoG only ssg

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      Good overall but the idea of 12 universe is just worthless. Most of them are literally fillers doomed to be forgotten. We don’t know enough about them to make a whole dimesion for each, they’re just too empty.

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