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      Nickolas MB

      My ideas for Dragon Block C Mod (Im brazilian, sorry for my english.)
      – Ultra Instinct for all races
      – Kaioshin Planet
      – Hakaishin Planet
      – If Naruto C Installed, you can be Chakra and Ki user in the same time
      – Another key to Kaioken, because many players when transforming, end up activating the Kaioken accidentally, because they forgot to disable it
      – Super Sagas
      – You can fusion with the NPC
      – Potara
      – Put the mystical form on the same button as the Transformations,
      – Add Zenkai for saiyans (More TP for fight)
      – Add Regeneration for Namekians
      – Ki’s own illumination (When transforming, or charging, etc., the Ki illuminates its turn)
      – Add a Optifine Compatibility
      – More destructive Ki attacks (Example: Spirit Bomb or Death Ball on the ground causes a big explosion, making a hole in a 20-block radius)
      – Add Whis
      – The God form and Ultra Instinct can be learned only with Whis
      – Increase the maximum of attributes (it’s now 50,000, could increase to 1,000,000)
      – Remove the Mind attribute, or do something with it, as it requires it to learn most things

      Those are my ideas, I hope you can add some of them.

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      Alright, sorry bud but I need to shoot down at least a 4th of your idea’s. First, the kaioshin planet is planned, as well as space itself. the mind attribute is reasonable(If you configure it to take less than what it currently says. you can change a ki attacks destructive power in the configs as well. mystic makes enough sense already keywise, so does kaioken. if you want a optifine compatibility then install bspkrscore it will fix the problem. ultra instinct has no need to be added yet(Not for at least a years time), we JUST got ssj4 and its not even finished neither is G3 hair. There is alot of things Jin has planned. Potara has no need to be input as of yet since we have normal fusion and its not finished, the buu saga isnt done he still needs kid buu if you want a little more saga in it I recommend That will give you more enjoyment and if you combine a the creators and mints side missions you will be happy with it, trust me its so much more enjoyable. He hasn’t finished the other buildings for people yet either(Vegeta, trunks, Piccolo, Gohan)

      Personally, I like your attribute max increase idea. as well as the ki illumination. (maybe someone can ask jin if they can make a addon that does that)

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      – Ultra Instinct can already be done, however it would take a G3 hair to do it, since Ultra Instinct makes your hair messy.

      – Kaioshin planet is already planned as well Space dimension, however we’re not sure about Hakaishin planet.

      – Chakra and Ki together is an excelent idea, but I think that if you have Naruto C and DBC already installed you can have Chakra and Ki together, but I don’t have Naruto C though.

      – Good idea. It always happen to me when I active Kaioken.

      – Super sagas as well as GT Sagas are planned.

      – Fusion with NPC is another great idea. The Fusion technique is kinda useless in single player, since it’s disabled. I think that is planned tho.

      – Zenkai and Regeneration should be like, depending on your damage state, it could be a higher value, so, Zenkai would make your stats stronger, like when you turn into whatever Super Saiyan form, Super Human, Super Namekian, or Arcosian forms.

      – Potara would be useless as Fusion in single player, and is unnecessary now. However, we have SSJB/Rosé, SSJG, SSJ4, LSSJ and Mystic and we don’t even have Goku Black as enemy, we have Beerus but he don’t appear even if you use Custom NPC, so he is there just to justify SSJ God, the same with Golden Frieza and SSJ Blue. SSJ4, we don’t even have Baby Vegeta, hell, we don’t even have the GT Saga. We also have LSSJ but we don’t have Broly ( nor Movies Saga ) or Kale ( nor Super saga ) as enemy, just as we don’t have Buutenks as enemy in the story, so it doesn’t make sense the Potara being added if we don’t have Buuhan. However, SSJ3 was added when we just had Cell Saga as the last one, so adding Potara isn’t much of a problem.

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