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      To begin with, I am new to this and just want an excuse to get out here and make a topic. lol.

      ok here be my idea.
      what about a new ability. a button that when pressed activates a transformations secret power that is equipped via menu for base form.
      let me explain via examples, lots of them.

      When the button is pressed the player uses Oozaru Beam. WHEEEEEEEEEEE

      when pressed in ssj will activate a tempoary boost kinda like the one gohan used when fighting freiza to call goku – for super vegeta form there is a ki boost + less drain under 10% hp called super saiyan – for FPSSJ there is one called complete mastery that is one time only (per life) that adds 2 to all ki related stats then after that there is a once per transformation boost (to use again must detransform then wait 20 min) called hidden training that is a 8 point tempoary boost to ki related stats (1 min). After both of the FPSSJ abilities are used then you can use the ssj ability.

      five abilities, –

      first, an ability called further evolution, for 4 minute after transforming, with a 10 minute cooldown after wearing off, ki related stats are 1.2 and physical stats are 1.1. every minute 0.5 drop off the ki stat and 0.25 of the physical until they are at the normal ssj2 stats

      an ability called second wind, if under 75% hp but over 50% then can get a temporary stat boost that is around one point added to each stat, – useless huh, but here is the twist, once hp gets under 60% an extra four points is added. It will be a small boost, barely enough to be game changing unless you and your opponent are equal. But i think i would just like a temporary power up like gohan did against cell in father-son kamehameha. (and yes, i know that is not even a power up but ;-; what can i do.)

      then when under 50% health an ability called a saiyan warrior, – completely removes all debuffs (strain) at the cost of 20% ki – not worth it i guess but another catch, it adds 2 points to physical stats temporarily

      then an ability when under 30% (when you kinda are playing defensive) called High Survivability where 3 points are added to ki stats permanantely – (once per life)

      and once under 5% a 15 second buff called dying gasp which adds a whole new level to ssj2, it forcibly charges your aura while letting you move and puts the effect strain on you (you are about to die, so who cares.) while making hair spike outwards. there is a 8% increase in all stats and then once 15 secs is up you drop out of form. A dangerous skill for when you think you may win, but if you cant, your probs stuffed unless u have a SENZU BEAN.

      And mah lest exhempal


      I tried to simulate the stamina drain for this along with the ki drain, there are five abilities

      First, Starting Strong, an ability that adds 40 to all stats after ssj3 multiplier has been added, it lasts 3 minutes and every minute 10 of those extra stats drop off, leaving you with an extra 10 on all stats, this one is shown by ki showing even when not charging and power level that is at least 2K higher than should be, though in rl it isn’t. I think it will be snazzy.

      Then there is EXTREME POWER, a boost for when your hp is hitting 75% and your still some how maintaining the form, it takes away 8 from all stats but takes your hp back up to 80% and gets rid of all debuffs, stamina will drain faster but ki will regen faster and for 60 seconds all ki based stats would be 2X base stats then ssj3 multiplier. the ki effect of showing even when not charging from before will dissapear and the character will sometimes go under a random 5 second strain effect (regardless of if effect is activated or not, will happen once under 70%).

      a passive ability called The Legendary Super Saiyan Three , once under 40% hp and if ki has only 75% left over, this activates, A +20% ki recovery, +30% melee dmg and a +10% ki dmg, that lasts 45 seconds then half normal ki recovery and all buffs and debuffs removed. This will drain your ki like hell.

      and, Final Stand or I’m still standing (chosen randomly) Final Stand is a passive ability that activates under 40% ki, the user gets +11 in all ki related stats and a +9 in physical stats . I’m still standing gives +11 to physical attributes and +9 to ki related stats. there is a 50% chance for both to activate and a 25% chance for the next ability to activate.

      EVEN FURTHER BEYOND when under 30% ki and under 20% hp, all debuffs are removed and this debuffs the next thing you punch, it will instantly take them down to 50% ki. A giant aura will be around you that decreases until it is normal aura size. It becomes normal aura size at 5% ki so be careful! also this will add 20 to all battle related stats tempoarily to bring you kind of back to how you started. this will reintroduce the hell-like kidrain!

      Well thnx for listening to my bullshit ideas and my excess examples.
      If you would like more examples plz say, i love an excuse to talk

      And as tradition has always held me in other places 😉
      One moderately good Idea – i have an idea for ki sense, but that will probably piss peple off.
      And a shit idea – Ki Sard plz lol

      See you hopefully another day 😉

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      I have an idea for instant transmission. so what happens is that there is a special skill slot (as shown in mister_pinocio’s

    • When IT is activated it shows a 3rd person front view of your character with their hand on they face and it will have a list of names on the side. the names will only appear if you are
      a. close enough
      or b. when you r far but their power is high enough.
      Then u just click on thier name and you boom bang bim teleport to them.

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    Bumping another oon of mah ideas

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    should i still be bumping this?

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    Pew pew pew

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    Ok, so i have three mods on, naruto anime mod, fus-ro-dah and of course dbc.
    i found something cool (like a semicombo) where i land two hits, launch you directly up with fusrodah, when you come down i one thousand meter punch you far backwards and realease a kamehameha before you slow down.

    After doing this a few times i got tired of all the switching and button pressing i thought of a new idea for this.

    so when in kaioken and you press ability button the third time (you know so if u using other form you can use other abilities first), your fourth skill changes to kaioken attack where you punch someone up, teleport to them, kick them down, teleport down before they reach the ground and fire a point blank kamehameha that carries them off and explodes, (like naruto anime mod rasen-shuriken)

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