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      Hello there, MasterScythe11 here and I’m announcing a Fanfic I’m gonna be writing. I have made a backstory for Masuta Kama, in super4321master’s fanfic, People have told me it was good so… Ima make my own!

      Here’s the template:

      Race: (You can make your own)
      Ki techniques/Normal Skills:
      Power level: (For now the max is 20,000
      How he/she looks:

      You are welcome to post a backstory for your character if you wish. And finally, if you can, draw how your character looks, but if you don’t think you can… then I will draw him/her based on how they look via your description. Thanks X-)

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      Android 21


      Usually good, but will do anything in the name of science!

      Trouse came to earth like all aliens, in a space pod. He had no idea what he was, only that he was different from the other kids in the orphanage that took him in. He was much smaller and much smarter than anyone he came in contact with, allowing him to fly through school and focus on becoming stronger in any way he could. His original life plan was to start a business in computers, but wanted tournament fighting to fall back on, but after entering his first tournament he decided to do this for the rest of his life. In his 3 world tournament, however, he struck his opponent down in one punch, causing him to stop breathing. Paramedics saved him and Trouse was excused of this, since not real wounds were caused, but he left the tournaments and vowed not to fight for money and fame ever again.

      Trouse trains regularly, just in case he must protect himself or others.

      The moves Trouse uses are:

      -Comet Storm- A barrage of explosive blasts.

      -Silencer- The move he used in his last tournament, but slightly weaker. Causes the target to go unconscious for a small amount of time.

      -Nova Flare- Like solar flare, but actually causes damage

      You are welcome to add more moves as needed, but most moves would be space-themed, to show his love for space.

      Power Level: 15,000

      Personality: Serious most of the time and socially awkward, but always has time to squeeze in a quip or two.

      Looks: Red hair, small, wears either civilian clothes or some form of battle armor, which changes as new, better materials become available.


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      Nico calazo
      Age 13
      Nico was 10 when he heard of the saiyans, these mighty warriors that could go Super Saiyan. They even protected earth. Ever since that Nico wanted to be a protecter of earth so tht if trouble came he could stop it. He trained non stop for 3 years and became very strong.
      Nico trained under Master Roshi who taught Nico the Kamehameha and his fighting style. He did that for a year before he started to train on his own.
      Moves: Kamehameha, Super Hellzone grenade( a combo attack that he then makes a big ki blast then it splits into 20 big blasts and he launches them at his opponent) and The life energy punch a desperation move where he takes his life force and all of his ki and punches an opponent with a lot of emotion.
      Power lvl 17,276
      Nico has a bit of Goku’s personality and Vegeta’s.
      Nico wears a black tank top with taisumi ( from agame ga kill) jacket with Black Jordans on. On occasion he wears sunglasses
      Gender: Male

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      This is how I imagine Nico. The reason he has goku hair is because you didn’t explain it… but there will be a story behind that 😉 . But other than that what do you think?

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      Name: Harpor

      Age: 14

      Race: Half Saiyan/Half ???

      Alignment: Neutral

      Backstory:(Look for a post called Harpor’s Backstory.)

      Training Style: Finding the strongest person in a planet and killing them, after this he enslaves the planet.

      Fighting style: Mainly a warrior but he is shown to use ki in life threathning situations.
      Ki attacks: His ki attacks are usually massive or very, very, tiny but powerful.
      PowerLevel: 16,166 but his powerlevel can nearly triple if his emotions are unstable.

      Personality and looks: Hp is neutral and likes to fight others. He accidentally kills alot of people without meaning it. He does not have full control of his power. When someone injures his friends he overflows with power. he cares alot about his friends and family even if hes evilish and will die for them.

      He has a broly look except without the huge muscles and the amulets,jewelry his robe reaches one of his shoulders but the other looks like if it has been ripped apart. His hair is brown, his robe is brown, his eyes are brown, his skin is White but not too white. his hair is spiky leaning toward the left. he looks like someone peaceful and calm but he is the opposite.

      Gender: Male

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      Well 2 dislike s bout the pic Nico is 13 and I don’t like the seriousness in the eyes of that pic

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        1: I know he’s 13
        2: it’s not a seriousness in his eyes… but his hair making it look like it… xD

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      Name: The Mighty Lord Kamina

      Age: 18

      Race: Human

      Alignment: Good

      Backstory: A man’s man who left his home behind in search of fame and glory, Kamina roams
      the world fighting for what’s right and spreading the power of the Human spirit!

      Ki techniques/Normal Skills: He doesn’t need any fancy Ki attacks, with his katana and fighting spirit he charges into the fray and secures victory with guts and effort!

      Power level: 20,000, duh.

      Personality: Hot blooded, a paragon of masculinity, always charging forward into the night sky!
      All you need to know is that when he sets his mind to it, there’s nothing he can’t do!

      How he/she looks:
      The manly badass, Kamina!

      Gender: Man

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      Chapter 1: The Start of an Adventure

      The story starts with a human, jumping from tree to tree blasting rocks. This young man’s name is Nico Calazo. After a few years of training under the guidance of Muten Roshi, he has begun training on his own. Strangely enough this young man has the same hair as goku, aside from the bangs. This is because, while training with the turtle hermit, he suggested a haircut. Once his hair was cut he loved it. The only reason the bangs are different is because when Roshi tried doing the bangs, they wouldn’t work.
      Anyways as our young hero continues his training he looks for strong opponents to challenge his abilities. Sadly it has been long since he had a good fight, but this will all change soon. Meanwhile another warrior was training in the same woods, a tuffle, named Trouse. Trouse is training exactly how Nico is. While these two are training, Trouse accidentally blasts Nico, but he dodges.
      Nico: Who’s there?
      Trouse: Sorry!
      Nico: Oh… I think I know you… but from where?
      Trouse: Umm…
      Nico: I got it! You were in the tournaments!
      Trouse: Yeah… and…
      Nico: Well you MUST be powerful! Come on! Let’s spar a little!
      Trouse: I don’t know… Why not?
      Nico and Trouse both get into their fighting positions. Nico lunges at Trouse, hitting him with a powerful kick to the face.
      Nico: (Just as I felt his power I knew… but is he hiding his true power? Either way I should go easy on him)
      Just then Trouse knees Nico in the face knocking him back, But he does not stop there. He then throws a flurry of punches and kicks at Nico landing most of them. He then kicks Nico with all his might and knocks him back farther. He then starts charging his energy. But Nico sees this, and he does it too.
      Trouse: Comet!
      Trouse: STORM!!!
      Nico: HAAAAA!!!
      Nico releases a large beam of ki heading straight towards Trouse, while Trouse shoots a lot of weaker blasts rapidly. With all of them hitting Nico except a few that are pushing back the kamehameha wave. With this Nico no longer holds back, and pushes all of his energy into the attack. Trouse is surprised but too slow to dodge the attack, and gets hit with the full force. When the smoke clears, Trouse is bleeding all over.
      Nico: You done yet?
      Trouse: No!
      Trouse jumps in front of Nico and puts his hands in front of his own face, in the way of the Solar Flare. Nico is curious so he just stands there with his arms crossed, being cocky like Goku.
      Trouse: NOVA FLARE!
      A blinding scarlet light shoots out of nowhere and blinds Nico, even though he closed his eyes. But that’s not all, it also hurt him as much as he hurt Trouse. After, Nico is still covering his eyes, and Trouse is exhausted after putting all of his energy into that last attack.
      Nico: Nice one!
      Nico charges blindly at Trouse, feeling where his energy is. He kicks Trouse into the air, and hammers his to the ground. Though exhausted he puts his energy into one final kamehameha.
      Trouse is to beaten to get up
      Trouse: WAIT! You win!
      Nico: Huh?
      Trouse: Could you reach into my bean sack and give me one?
      Nico: Senzu?
      Trouse: Yeah.
      Nico gives Trouse a senzu and he eats one himself.
      The two head off to Nico’s tent.

      You Liek so far?

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      Its cool keep it up!

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      Sorry about the eyes and mouth, I forgot to use my thin point marker XD

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      Nice chapter but one thing i dont understand will trouse get transformations and if so what kind and how would they look.

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        Android 21

        *leedle leedle lee*

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        So in, I believe it was either DBAF or Absolon, There was a super tuffle…. hint hint…. you’ll see 😉

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      When will the next chapter come out?

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        Let’s just say… Merry Christmas 😀

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      When will we find Kama

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      yes I do

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      yo can I have a character redesign as well

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      sure just say the design 🙂

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      http://narutofanon.wikia.com/wiki/Infobox:Gekihen and go to childhood and there u go

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      expect without the headband and the vegeta clothes from majin buu saga

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      Chapter 2: An Unexpected Surprise

      As Nico and Trouse head towards the tent they see someone in the distance flying away. As they get closer they notice smoke from the campsite.
      Trouse: Hey, You leave a fire at the tent?
      Nico: No… and, I don’t even have a fire pit yet… Lets hurry!
      Nico and Trouse run at full speed to the camp site. When they got there, the tent was ablaze.
      Nico: No! All my supplies!
      Trouse: No wait don’t do it!
      Nico: I have to!
      Trouse: Don’t!
      Nico runs into the burning tent. Trouse watches in fear for his new friend. But not for long before he get a visitor.
      Cryogen: Hello puny earthling… or should I say… Tuffle?
      Trouse: W-What? H-How do you know what I am!?!?
      Cryogen: Oh please, I know A lot more than you think.
      Trouse: Grrr…
      Cryogen: I know you have many questions, so I’ll answer a few right now. The name’s Cryogen, I am an arcorsian, and unlike that fool Frieza, I will take over the universe!
      Cryogen lands next to Trouse
      Cryogen: And my master will be unstoppable!
      Cryogen then punches Trouse lightly in the gut, and sends him flying through trees. he catches him in the air by the feet. He then knees him in the face. Just then Nico comes out of the tent burnt all around.
      Nico: Hey you!
      Cryogen: What do you want?
      Nico: Drop my friend!
      Cryogen: Oh?
      Nico: …
      Nico disappears and reappears in front of Cryogen.
      Nico: Now!
      Cryogen: Fine.
      He drops Trouse and attempts to kick Nico. Nico blocks it, and counters with a knee to the gut, he then throws him into the air and hammers him down. He then manages to catch Trouse before he hits the ground.
      Nico: Good now then, get off my planet.
      Cryogen: Why should I?
      Nico: Because if you don’t I will have to kill you!
      Cryogen: Oh really?
      Nico: Grr…

      Sorry this one was short 😛

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        Android 21

        The only thing that I have a problem with here is that Trouse, being practically the last Tuffle, had no way of knowing exactly what he was. It was stated in his backstory too, that he only knew he was different. Still amazing though.

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      Chapter 2 Continued…

      Cryogen Punches Nico, making him drop Trouse to the ground. Nico kicks him down and attempts to finish it.
      Cryogen: Huh?
      Nico blasts Cryogen from behind, kind of like the warp kamehameha. The attack looked successful. Until the smoke cleared and he was surrounded by a clear light green barrier. He then teleports next to Nico.
      Cryogen: Nice try.
      He elbows Nico in the gut. he puts his hand in the air. Red light glows from the air around it.
      Cryogen: BLACK HOLE BALL!
      Right as he throws the attack at Nico, another voice is heard from a distance.
      The other attack easily pushes the Black Hole Ball, back and it explodes a mountain.
      ???: I suggest you listen to these smart fighters.
      Cryogen: Oh please! You don’t think you can beat me do you?!?!
      ???: I don’t think I can…
      Cryogen: Just as I thought! That was just a lucky shot!
      ???: I don’t think I can…
      Cryogen: You don’t need to repeat yourself!
      ???: I know I can!
      Cryogen: Argh…
      The mysterious fighter kicks him and hammers him to the ground. He grabs Cryogen by the tail.
      ???: Tell Harpor to leave this planet alone!
      Cryogen: Y-You know my master?!?!
      ???: Yes… We fought a few years ago.
      Cryogen: Y-You are-
      The mysterious fighter blasts him before he can finish.
      Nico: Thanks… Who, is Harpor?
      ???: He’s the leader of a group of people who go from planet to planet finding the strongest people, and killing them… after this he enslaves the planet.
      Nico: Wow… so was that-
      ???: One of his weaker soldiers…
      Nico: Ugh…
      ???: Who are you?
      Nico: My name is Nico. That’s Trouse, Who are you?

      Who do you think this mysterious person is? Find out next time, on: DBC A Warrior’s Destiny xD

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      if that is kama why u gotta be so op lelelele

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        xD you guessed it! He’s gonna become normal compared to the rest of them

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      This is truly a Merry Christmas

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      Android 21

      I rate it 9 out of 10 knees to the face.

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      Can I make another character since peps aint joinin

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      Sure but… Who’s peps?

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      ya know people

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      Chapter 3: A War?

      ???: The name’s Mastuā Kama, and the reason I blasted him was so you didn’t hear it from scum like him.
      Nico: Oh…
      Mastuā: Listen… At this very moment there is a war raging throughout the universe.
      Nico: A war?
      Mastuā: Yes…
      Trouse: Ugh… what?
      Nico: Oh! You’re awake!
      Trouse: Where’s Cryogen?
      Mastuā: I took him down.
      Trouse: Oh…
      Mastuā: Anyways… there is a war raging throughout the universe, and I’m here to request your guys’ help. If you accept my offer then I will train you, along with Vegeta JR, The descendant of the saiyan prince Vegeta, and another person you will be sparring with once you catch up to them.
      Nico: Hmm… One second.
      Trouse and Nico started talking to each other about it. Trouse said no because of his past. But Nico explained that they were gonna be fighting bad guys, to save the universe. This had convinced Trouse to do It.
      Nico: Alright, we’re in!
      Mastuā: Good, now, follow me.
      Mastuā jumped up and started flying. He was followed by Nico and Trouse. When Trouse jumped at first he fell back down because of his injuries. Nico was cracking up because he completely forgot about the battle before he had jumped in, and that he hadn’t given Trouse a senzu yet. So he landed and gave Trouse a senzu, as well as himself. He asked Mastuā if he wanted one, but he denied. Once they arrived to the base they instantly noticed something… A GRAVITY CHAMBER! The sight of this beautiful machine, made Nico excited to start his training. He has always wanted one but he could never make enough zeni to but one, especially with his huge metabolism.
      Mastuā: Well? What do you think?
      Nico: We-e-e-e-ell…
      Trouse: IT’S AWESOME!!!
      Nico: GRAVITY CHAMBER!!!
      Trouse & Nico: EEEEEEEK!!!
      Mastuā: I thought It could be helpful, so I took up a ton of physical labor jobs. This helped me train, and buy this beauty.
      Nico: Sweat! When do we start training?!?!
      Mastuā: Right now if you wish. We need to wait for Vegeta JR.
      Trouse: What is he doing at the moment.
      Mastuā: He said he knows someone strong, the guy I mentioned earlier. I don’t know who he was talking about, but if he can help then it’s fine.
      Nico: Huh… Well if it’s Vegeta’s descendant then maybe he’s getting Goku JR?
      Mastuā: Oh Yeah!
      Trouse: Umm…
      Nico & Mastuā: Huh?
      Mastuā: What?
      Trouse: Well you see, during my third tournament, I went up against Goku JR in the finals…
      Nico: Oh… My… God
      Trouse: Yeah…
      Mastuā: What is it?
      Nico: In that tournament, he-
      Trouse: I knocked him out in one punch!
      Mastuā: Oh… well…
      Nico: He might not be as strong as you think.
      Mastuā: How long ago was that?
      Trouse: About… 8 years ago.
      Mastuā: Maybe he got stronger.
      Nico: Maybe…
      Trouse & Nico Hopped into the Chamber and started sparring at 10 times gravity. This gave Trouse a slight advantage, as his ancestors gave him a gene that helped them survive in high gravity environments. But Nico is no pushover. Nico jumped at Trouse and landed the first blow, but even though it still hit him, he countered with an uppercut to the jaw. Nico kicked back off of Trouse, but the gravity pulled him to the floor hard. He had underestimated the strength of his opponent once again. Trouse has little to no difficulty standing in the gravity, while Nico is starting to struggle. Trouse kicks him up and hammers him back to the floor. With the strength of Trouse and the added effect of the gravity, he hit the floor fast. Showing off, Trouse punched and kicked the air as fast as he can to prove his gravity resistance to Nico. This, of course, made Nico angry. He quickly got up and kick Trouse in the gut, punched his face and blasted him in the torso sending him crashing into the wall. Still mad, Nico got ready to blast again, as did Trouse.
      Trouse: NOVA!
      Mastuā: Wait don’t!
      Nico: HAAAAA!!!
      Trouse: BURST!!!
      A huge explosion that could be heard for miles, rocked the surrounding forest.
      Mastuā: You… I… WHY!?!?!?!?
      Nico: Sorry…
      Mastuā: SORRY!?!?
      Nico: Yeah… we got a little carried away…
      Mastuā: …
      Nico: …
      Trouse: …
      Mastuā: That costed… ONE MILLION ZENI!!!
      Trouse: Hmm…
      Mastuā took a few minutes to relax and think.
      Mastuā: Ok, if you guys are gonna train like this… We need an extra extra EXTRA large Gravity Chamber… sooo… GET JOBS! I will as well. I will make Vegeta and Goku JR, get jobs too.
      Nico: How much does the XXXL GC Cost?
      Mastuā: … we had a large… 1 mill… times 3… you get the point?
      Trouse: 3 Mill?
      Mastuā: And that’s JUST for an extra large.
      Nico & Trouse: WHAT???
      Nico: So this XXXL GC will cost 9 MILL!?!?!?
      Mastuā: About, yes

      Next time on Dragon Block C: Vegeta and Goku JR get into some trouble, While Mastuā, Nico, and Trouse find jobs. See how things play out… NEXT TIME! 😛

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      filler chapter leleleleel

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        Yeah the next chapter will be filler xD

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      also for those wondering…

      This is Cryogen

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      Android 21

      I just realized I inadvertently made Trouse One-Punch man.
      Wait a second!
      His last tournament was 8 years ago, and he is currently 21. The world tournament occurs every 5 years.
      21-8=13 Third tournament
      13-5=8 Second Tournament
      8-5=3 First Tournament.
      Wait, what? Is Trouse going to reveal he is a time traveler from the past? If not, then he was a really strong toddler!

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        It was changed to every 3 years remember


        And what about goten? He was 7! Muhahahahaha! also he didn’t win the first one.

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      Android 21

      9 million out of 10 million zeni.

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      What I want to know is, when will my character show up…?

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        Yeah umm… sorry, but I don’t think this character will fit into the story I have planned, but maybe you can make a new character (seriously) that is a bad guy… or… girl… yeh!

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      one thing I noticed ya spelled your character name wrong not mastua Masuta 🙂

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      But I already have an idea for how the final battle will go… epic lets just say >:o

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      hahahahaha u not one punch man to me cuz I beat u so much that u quit:)

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      Android 21

      uhh what?

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      Hype for next chapter and happy New he’s everyone

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      new chapter?

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      I’m sorry for my lack of chapters, I have to mention school is back, and vacation is over, sadly I don’t think there will be a new one for a while (Or at least until february) 🙁

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        Once it’s February I Will try to make as many chapters as I can

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      Nice! I dont draw people anymore cause I suck at drawing arms

    • #14255

      I could make a post and give you some drawing tips.

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      Chapter 4: A Tournament?

      Trouse, Masutā, and Nico, are racing towards the city. Masutā, of course, is leading. Though they are some of the strongest in the galaxy, they aren’t gonna be able to take down an entire army.
      Nico: Why don’t we join the world martial arts tournament?
      Masutā: That would be great, but we can’t, it’s not for another year.
      Trouse: Yeah…
      Masutā: But…
      Nico: BUT WHAT!?!?!
      Trouse: Chill! Give the guy a second of space between his sentences!
      Nico: Sorry…
      Trouse: Continue.
      Masutā: Hmm… I’ll tell you later.
      Nico got a little upset at Masutā for not telling them what he meant. They stopped halfway to West City and decided to split up. Masutā would go to East City, Trouse would go to Satan City, And Nico Would continue on to West City. Meanwhile Vegeta JR, and Goku JR (Ima just call them Goku & Vegeta from now on) are heading towards Vegeta’s house, which is where the gravity chamber is-er-was…
      Goku: So is this guy like, strong?
      Vegeta: Yeah, he beat me with ease.
      Goku turned to Vegeta while flying at the same pace he was originally.
      Goku: NO WAY!
      Vegeta: Yeah!
      Goku: Hang on…
      Vegeta: Huh?
      Goku and Vegeta stopped flying… someone else was coming in their direction.

      Trouse, at this point, has landed in Satan City, and has already found a way to make quick money.
      Trouse: (If I just go to the satan dojo, I can challenge all of them to fight for money. and of course they won’t swallow their pride. I’ll say “All of the students in this gym, versus me! All at once!”) Yeah that’ll work!
      Orphaned Child: What’ll work?
      Trouse: Uhh… Did I say that out loud?
      Orphaned Child: Yeah. Why?
      Trouse: Oh… Well I can’t keep quiet I guess.
      Orphaned Child: So what’ll work?
      Trouse: I’m going to challenge the entire Satan Gym to fight me in a handicap match.
      Orphaned Child: Can I come!
      Trouse: If it’s alright with your parents.
      Orphaned Child: I’ve never met my parents, I live alone in the woods, I raised my self.
      Trouse: Oh…
      Orphaned Child: But I was going to the gym anyways. I wanted to join it, but you can’t beat them alone, so I want to help, 2 vs the gym!
      Trouse: Ok sure. But first I need to test you…
      Orphaned Child: Ok.
      Trouse: Hop on my back.
      The orphaned child got on Trouse’s shoulders. Trouse flew to a mountain nearby.
      Trouse: Alright, hmm…
      Meanwhile Nico has made it to west city. While looking around the city, he sees someone being pushed back and forth by a group of about 10 people. Nico runs over.
      Nico: Hey!
      Bully 2: Huh?
      Bully 3: What do you want?
      Nico: I want you to leave him alone!
      Bully 1: Hmm… Surround him!
      Nico: …
      All of the bullies surround Nico. He just stands there, arms crossed with a serious expression on his face. The bullies are all smiling.
      Bully 1: One more chance to leave! You can turn and run like a coward, or get rekt by us!
      Bully 4: We are martial arts masters!
      Nico smirks, he knows something that these punks don’t. They aren’t “Martial Arts Masters”
      Nico: Lies!
      All Bullies: Huh?
      Nico: A true martial arts master doesn’t resort to bullying.
      Bully 4: Grr…
      Nico: So come at me all at once!
      Bully 1: Now!
      All of them move professionally, one kicks sideways at Nico but he dodges. Another one throws a flurry of punches at him, but Nico is too fast for them, he blocks every punch from him, while dodging to others punching and kicking at him as fast as they can. Nico is just showing off. But after dodging them all for a few minutes, he gets bored. Nico flicks number 10, punches 9, elbows 7, tackles 8, kicks 6, and knees 5.
      At this point 4-1 know that they don’t stand a chance. Nico Breaks 3’s arm, throws 2, and blasts 1. 4 is the last one left. (Reference! Name the book series down below)
      Trouse has finally found a way to test The Child, but first…
      Trouse: … What’s your name?
      Orphaned Child: Umm… I don’t have one…
      Trouse: Oh… hmm… Well how about Saikyō?
      Orphaned Child: Ok!
      Trouse: Now then, Saikyō… Push that mountain.
      Saikyō: … That’s all?
      Trouse: Umm… Yes?
      Saikyō: Ok!
      Saikyō did something amazing. He lifted the mountain without strain… AND THREW IT KILOMETERS AWAY! Trouse was dumbfounded.
      Trouse: Saikyō?
      Saikyō: Yeah?
      Trouse: How old are you?
      Saikyō starts to count on his fingers.
      Saikyō: Seven.
      Trouse: Hmm…
      Vegeta and Goku stared into the eyes of a demon.
      ???: Where is Cryogen?
      Goku: Who?
      ???: Grr…
      Vegeta: I suggest you leave, or you can fight us!
      Goku: Your choice!
      ???: Fine. You will, however, die!
      Both: Hmph…
      The Demon like creature leaped at Goku, grabbed him and threw him at Vegeta. Vegeta went in for a punch, but missed.
      Goku: Fine!
      Goku went super saiyan, as did Vegeta
      ???: Now we can begin!

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        Suprise! It came earlier because I felt bad 🙁

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      Son Gohan

      If you still want to include another character
      Name: Endymion
      Age: 15
      Race: Saiyajin (Before Human)
      Alignment: Good/Hero
      Backstory: Endymion before it was a human, but he make a wish to Dragon Balls, and he is transformed in to Saiyan with the capacity for transform in to all Forms of the Saiyans, he is good studying, training after of the 11 years old… The second Wish is have a Pure Heart.
      Training: Ki techniques/Normal Skills: Kamehameha, Masenko, Death Beam, Special Beam Cannon, Super Kamehameha, Supernova or Death Ball, Gallitgun, Final Flash, Solar Flare, Destructo Disc, and other Techniques from Z-Warriors, uses only Gohan’s habilities and some of reinforcing from other Warriors. He can make a invents and fight with the Crime
      Power level: 18.000 Ki (After Wish, but he is weak)
      Personality: He study during very time, is as Gohan, but he is serious and not socialize much. He appears as Piccolo, shoot to enemy saving to friends and fight in the greats battles, after saving observ the fight and it goes. will not interfere in history to change it, but if it’s something bad or something else that will forbid. He personality is as Piccolo or Vegeta, can attack to enemy fast and attack directly (As Goku to Recoome)
      How he looks: Exactly thereby He is from DB Discross, but is exactly equal to my character
      Gender: Male
      PS: He is weak for that never haved a formal training

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      Son Gohan

      PS 2: Sometimes can imit to Great Saiyaman with the similar phrases and sometimes. And can often make jokes or talk to someone sarcastically to make it angry. In the wish he unlock all transformations from a Saiyan and he grow tail ever (for the wish)
      And he use transformations phase to phase, follow the history, not use transformation if not is necessary, if the enemy is more power that SS he transform in to SSj 2
      Phases that use: SS, USSj, SSL, SS2, SS3, SSG, SSGSS and the next XD

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        I am accepting characters still, but I need villains.

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      Great work! I didint expect a chapter until febuary!

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      Here’s a villain!
      Backstoy:as a young boy his parents were killed in by robbers, and Nagoroth killed them in his rage. Since then he lost his sanity, and wishes to end all life in the universe.
      Looks: wears black jacket and jeans. No shirt and has a red bandana that he wears around his neck. His hair is rumpled and unkempt.
      Power level: as strong as you need him to be
      Moves: uses nameless ki attacks, but rarely needs them due to his extreme physical strength.

    • #14325
      Son Gohan

      Other villain
      Name: Kazen
      Age: Unknown
      Race: Makyan
      Alignment: Evil/Time Warp
      Backstory: Is a Time controller, after Makyans’s death he will revenge.
      Training: Evil Training (Netherworld)
      Ki techniques/Normal Skills: Time Passport (Can travel through time), Special Beam Gallit, Majin Kamehameha, Deathball, Boiling Burg, Death Zone (Garlick Jr.), Magic control (As Towa, but it does not increase their power)
      Power level: More that Majin Boo Fat
      Personality: He’s personality is as Cooler, He knew about fights of Makyans, but he But let us make mistakes for obtain the control for the Makyan world, directs the Kingdom and its inhabitants
      How he/she looks: Skin violet, muscles as Miira, dresses clothes as Supreme Kais but in inverse colors, with a black cape used as Turles
      Gender: Male

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      Fun Fact: I LOOOOVE Trouse’s attack, Nova Flare! xD

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      gohan u put 18.000 so that means your guys power lvl is 18 but we know what u mean

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      Chapter 5: Early Beginnings!

      Nico finishes number 4 with ease.
      Nico: Hey kid.
      Young Boy: Huh? Uh yeah?
      Nico: Do you know where capsule corp is?
      Young Boy: Yeah it’s about 2 miles that way.
      Nico: Thanks.
      With that Nico starts running to capsule corp. What is he planning?

      Trouse: Alright! Here we are! The Satan City Gym!
      Saikyō: Yes!
      Trouse and Saikyō enter the gym. When they do, all eyes turn to them.
      Gym Member 1: Why are you here?
      Trouse: We want to challenge this gym!
      Gym Member 2: Ha! Yeah right!
      Gym Member 1: Why should we!
      Trouse: The loser has to pay 50k zeni to the winner.
      Gym Member 3: Oh really?
      Saikyō: Yeah! All of you guys vs us! All at once!
      Gym Member 4: So you’re basically giving the gym your money!
      All gym members laugh.
      Trouse: Yeah sure… Are you in or not?
      Gym Member 1: Yes!

      Nico has made it to capsule corp. As he enters the building he instantly recognises who he’s looking for, Bulla Jr.
      Nico: Excuse me ma’am.
      Bulla: Yes, how may I help you?

      Goku: Who are you?
      ???: I am known as Nagoroth.
      Nagoroth: I am in top command of Harpor’s army.
      Vegeta: (Harpor…)
      Nagoroth: I came here with one of my mechanical soldiers… Cryogen. It seems that his disappearance is because of… Masutā Kama.
      Vegeta: Masutā!?!?!
      Goku: Isn’t that the guy?
      Vegeta: Yes!
      Nagoroth: Oh so you know him?
      Vegeta: I do! But he hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet!
      Nagoroth: Can we get the fight started?
      Vegeta: With pleasure.
      Nagoroth: Good, after you two I plan to kill all on this planet!
      Goku: Wait!
      Nagoroth: What?
      Goku: You work for Harpor?
      Nagoroth: Grr… Sadly yes. Now can we begin?
      Goku: Yes!
      The moment Goku says yes he gets punched into the air. Vegeta comes up behind Nagoroth.
      Vegeta: BIG BANG ATTACK!
      Nagoroth: Please.
      Nagoroth throws a small ki blast at Vegeta’s attack.
      Goku: No Way!
      Goku flies next to Vegeta.
      Goku: KAAAA!!! MEEEE!!! HAAAA!!! MEEEE!!! HAAAAAAA!!!
      The attack helped the Big Bang Attack push back the nameless ki blast, until it started to grow. Goku and Vegeta were hit by the full force of his, and their attacks.

      Nico: What I’m looking for is a Dragon Radar, Do you have any?
      Bulla: Hmm… Yeah I do… But are you with Masutā?
      Nico: Yeah, why?
      Bulla: Just wanted to make sure. Here ya’ go.
      Nico: Thanks! See ya!

      All the fighters in the gym gathered outside so there would be room for the brawl.
      Trouse: 3! 2! 1! GO!
      All the gym members charged at Trouse and Saikyō. Trouse got one with a gut punch, knocking him down instantly. Saikyō gets three of them with chops to the back of the neck. Trouse does a spin kick and knocks 7 of them out. Saikyō gets hit a few times, but doesn’t even flinch… (Ya know what? This is an obvious win, let’s go else where…)

      Goku and Vegeta get up.
      Vegeta: Fine! You wanna play rough?!?!
      Vegeta goes super saiyan, as does Goku.
      Nagoroth: Hows that gonna help? It didn’t last time!
      Vegeta: Yeah, you’re right, but…
      He goes super saiyan 2.
      Vegeta: This is a little different!
      Nagoroth: Indeed…
      Goku: Good idea.
      Goku goes ssj2 as well.
      Nagoroth: Let’s go!
      Goku and Vegeta rush Nagoroth. Though using all of their power, they are completely overpowered by Nagoroth. Vegeta goes for a side kick but Nagoroth ducks, flies above him, and hammers him to the ground.
      Goku: Vegeta! Grr…
      Nagoroth: Oh? Did I touch a nerve?
      Nagoroth blasts Vegeta repeatedly, trying to make him suffer.
      Vegeta: AHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHH!!
      Goku: Stop it!
      Goku starts to glow golden white. His spiky golden hair, gets longer, and less rigid. He has ascended, to super saiyan 3. With crackling electricity flying around him, he looks at Nagoroth.
      Goku: I said!
      He teleports behind Nagoroth and kicks him sideways.
      Goku: Stop!
      Nagoroth: Grr… IT’S YOUR TURN!
      Goku teleports in front of Nagoroth.
      Goku: No, It’s your‘s!
      He kicks him into the air and blasts him.
      Nagoroth: F-Fine! I will go all out!
      Nagoroth started glowing black and red. Vegeta stands up and pull two senzus out of his pocket. He eats one himself and throws the other to Goku. Goku eats his and prepares himself for whatever Nagoroth has to throw at him. Meanwhile Vegeta starts powering up to his absolute limits. Nagoroth starts to grow fast. He starts to grow black bat wings. His hair turns red, while the rest of his skin turns red. Vegeta starts to charge an attack. He is finally at super saiyan 3 after his power up.
      Nagoroth: Now, fear my DEMON FORM!

      Trouse, Masutā, and Nico: W-What is that power?
      Saikyō: What do you mean Trouse?
      Trouse: Stay here!
      Saikyō: What?!?
      Trouse flies away. Saikyō wanted to follow but he can’t fly. He got really mad for Trouse not taking him.

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      are you still wanting more characters

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      A little secret about Masutā, He has 4 forms, Human form (He looks like a human and his powers are cut in half) Scythian form (His real form, Red and has a tail) Ultra Scythian (Like his real form, but buff, and rather than red skin he has Lime green skin, with light blue hair, Power multiplier 250 times his real form [500 times his human form]) Scythian God form (His strongest form. His hair turns red, and skin turns light blue, he gets as skinny as his real form, but the multiplier is 1000 times that [or 2000 times human form])


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      Good chapter, you implemented Nagoroth nicely.

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        Thank you kind sir, for that, here’s Chapter 6! Enjoy xD

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      Chapter 6: The War Begins

      Trouse, Masutā, and Nico head to Nagoroth’s power. Masutā knows what’s ahead, he knows who Nagoroth is. And they all, know his power.
      Nico: (What is this thing?)
      Trouse: (This can’t be good!)
      Masutā: (We’ll get you Nagoroth!)
      Vegeta, and Goku are both getting pummeled by Nagoroth. They can both feel the powers of their comrades coming to help.
      Nagoroth: Now show me how much fun you are to play with!
      Vegeta: We have to fight longer…
      Goku charges Nagoroth, he is no longer ssj3, he couldn’t hold it anymore, he is now ssj2. Vegeta is ssj2 as well, trying to reserve his energy. He knows… The fight has just begun.
      Goku goes in for a punch but Nagoroth elbows him to the ground, with enough force it caused a giant crater. Vegeta lands a crushing blow while Goku distracted him with the punch. The blow knocks Nagoroth down… for about 2 seconds. Vegeta readys his “Final Flash”. Nagoroth doesn’t hesitate, he teleports behind Vegeta and hammers him to the ground. Nagoroth flies down at his highest speed, from 200 feet in the air and knees Vegeta in the gut. Nagoroth then starts to repeatedly blast Vegeta.
      Nagoroth: I have had it from you!
      Vegeta can’t hold on much longer. He goes from ssj2 to ssj to base. Goku, still in the crater, can’t move, knocked out, and in his base form. After a while of Vegeta getting blasted, Nagoroth stops. Both his opponents can’t move a muscle, and he wants to end it with a bang. He charges his final attack. The explosion would reach, and kill Goku and Vegeta. Masutā has different plans for Nagoroth. While flying Masutā stops. He starts to power up, his starts to get bigger, faster, stronger. Soon his skin in red, his hair black. He now has a tail. This, is his REAL form. Masutā is twice the speed of his human form. He is at the battle field in no time at all.
      Masutā: Nagoroth!
      Nagoroth: Hmm? Oh good. you’re here!
      Nagoroth fires his blast without hesitation. Masutā jumps in front of the blast.
      Masutā: Green! Soldier! HAAAAAA!!!
      The dark green beam isn’t even close to enough to stop this.
      ???: KAMEHAMEHAAAA!!!
      Masutā: Huh?!?!
      The blue beam helps the green one slightly, though still not nearly enough.
      Masutā: Nico?
      Nico: Yeah. But I’m not alone.
      Trouse appears in front of Nagoroth.
      Trouse: NOVA FLARE!!!
      Nagoroth: AHHHH!!! MY EYES!!!
      Trouse: NOW!!!
      Vegeta: GALIK GUN!!!
      Goku: KAMEHAMEHAAAA!!!
      Masutā: I thought you two were down!
      Vegeta: We were until Trouse and Nico gave us senzu beans. They came with more then that, they came with a plan.
      Nico: We’ll explain more later! We can hold him off like this for now!
      Trouse flies down to where they are.
      Trouse: COMET STORM!!!
      The attack made by Nagoroth is still winning, but hardly. One extra push and they take the lead. Masutā knows this. He takes a few steps back, and stops firing.
      Masutā (Using telepathy to Vegeta): Tell them this…
      Masutā then starts to power up even more. He goes from red to green, with his hair now light blue. He is slightly bigger than his real form.
      Masutā: Everyone leave!
      He starts to charge an unfamiliar attack.
      Nico: Are you crazy! You can’t hold this back on your own!
      Masutā: You underestimate me! Leave now or you will get caught in the explosion of my attack and die!
      Trouse: Come on Nico, we need to leave NOW!
      Nico: Right!
      The four of them fly as far away as possible. From the looks of Masuta’s charging motion, it looks like it would be the final explosion attack. But after gathering enough energy, Masutā’s arms move to the “Green Soldier” charging position.
      Masutā: GREEN! SOLDIER!
      Nagoroth: Really?!?! That attack again!?!?
      Masutā puts all the energy into his fist.
      Masutā: PUUUUNCH!!!
      He jumps INTO Nagoroth’s attack. But he’s going through it with no problem.

      Vegeta: He has a plan. When I say “go”, fly back there, and blast the attack again.
      Nico: Are you saying that his plan is to die?!?!
      Vegeta: No! It’s much more than that! Just do it! Ok!?!?
      Nico: ok…

      Nagoroth: I doubt it. You are, literally IN my attack!
      Masutā: Exactly!
      Nagoroth: Huh?!?!
      Masutā punches right through Nagoroth. He turns around and blasts him out of existence. The explosion starts to push Nagoroth’s attack back to the ground.
      Vegeta: GO!
      They all fly back to their positions, while Vegeta goes to Masutā, whom is now falling from the sky. Knocked out. Vegeta gives him a senzu.
      Masutā: Good, they held it back for now.
      Vegeta: Wait… for now? Wasn’t this your plan?
      Masutā: No, get them all back to the mountain now.
      Vegeta: Yes sir.
      He flies down to them and tells them to retreat.
      Masutā starts to load what looks like the “Black Luster Grenade” but with two red rings around it.
      Masutā: BLACK! HOLE! GRENADE!!!
      The attack goes into the giant death ball. For a minute the ball stops and everything goes silent. But then it happens Masutā starts saying something in his native language. The giant attack starts to slowly get smaller, and smaller. It keeps getting smaller, until it’s just the “Black Hole Grenade”. Masuta flies up and grabs it. He uses instant transmission to get far away.
      Nico: Masutā?
      Vegeta: What!?!?
      Trouse: I thought you knew his plan!?!?
      Vegeta: I did, for the most part!
      Trouse: For the most part!?!?
      Vegeta: From what he told me, him killing Nagoroth WAS the plan!
      Nico: So what’s this then?!?!
      Vegeta: I don’t know…
      Nico, Trouse, and Goku: …

      Masutā appears in the sky. He waves, gives a thumbs up, and then falls to the ground again.
      This time, however, it is Nico that catches him. Masutā is in his real form, but turns back to his human form.
      Nico: Great! He’s still alive!
      Trouse: Awesome!
      Nico: Do we have anymore senzu?
      Goku: No… we don’t…
      Trouse: I’m on it!
      Trouse flies back to Saikyō (of whom he left the rest of his senzu with)
      Saikyō: Trouse!
      Trouse: Saikyō! I need the senzu and fast!
      He throws one to him.
      Trouse: Hop on!
      Saikyō: Ok!
      They fly back and give Masutā the senzu.
      Nico: What happened?
      Masutā: I gave the “Black Hole Grenade” all the power of my two actual transformations to keep it stable.

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      Nice, I appreciate that your putting out more of these chapters!

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      that chapter was great i never saw this on the forums till now

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      Chapter 7: Preparations Gone Wrong

      Nico: How did you do that?
      Masutā: I don’t know… I felt it in my body, it told me that’s what I should do. Even though just transforming one more time would be enough to destroy him…
      Trouse: Wow…
      Nico: No way! You’re THAT strong!?!?
      Masutā: Yeah…but now I can’t achieve those forms anymore…
      Nico: Oh…

      Masutā, and the rest went on their way back to Vegeta’s house. Nico, continued gathering the dragon balls after he told them his plan. Btw that plan is to gather the 7 dragon balls, summon shenron, and wish for a gravity chamber, with the last wish they got an Infini-Fridge…Which is pretty self explanatory. After they got their wishes, Masutā caught the dragon balls before they spread out, just incase they need them later. as for after that, They continued their training.

      ~A Year passes~

      Masutā: We must continue training. You two spar while Vegeta, and Goku get trained by me.

      Nico and Trouse enter the chamber. Trouse puts the gravity to 20 times earth.

      Trouse: There! This can be our warm up.
      Nico: After about ten minutes we can put it to 50 times ok?
      Trouse: Sounds good to me. And after that we can go to 100.

      Nico and Trouse got into position. Both of them are quite stronger than they were a year ago. Nico charges Trouse and attempts a kick. Trouse see’s this coming and dodges, he hammers Nico to the floor. But Nico catches himself. He flies at Trouse and lands a kick, and Trouse counters the other one with a punch.


      Harpor: Listen! If you and your men don’t attack earth, I will kill you before they ever could!
      Kuriza: Sir, please!
      Harpor: Don’t, “Sir, please!” me!
      Kuriza: Sir, it takes a year from here to there, and by then they will be stronger!
      Harpor: While I hate your cowardice, you’re right.
      Kuriza: Really?
      Harpor: Yes. So I will train with you for that years travel in the gravity ship. As will your men with each other.
      Kuriza: M-m-me? T-t-train with y-y-you?
      Harpor: Quit your stuttering! Yes!


      Nico and Trouse are now fighting at 100 times gravity. Masutā, Vegeta, and Goku are now watching them as they spar. Nico flies at Trouse and goes for an uppercut kick. Trouse dodges and counters with a powerful elbow to the head.
      Nico: Oww!
      Trouse: Sorry, was I not supposed to try?
      Nico: Grr…
      This comment made Nico furious. He jumped to Trouse at full speed. Trouse was surprised at Nico’s newly found speed. Nico then proceeded to throw a flurry of punches at Trouse. He failed to dodge him and got pounded by each and every one.

      Nico (as he is punching & with a weird demon-like voice): How does it feel?

      Trouse couldn’t move. Nico was not holding back. He was going all out, or even more.

      Masutā: Gah! Oh no!
      Vegeta: What!?!?
      Masutā: This… it’s the… WE NEED TO STOP NICO NOW!!!

      Vegeta, Goku, and Masutā flew at Nico full speed. They all go to strike Nico at once. He knocks out Trouse and begins battle with Goku & Vegeta. Goku goes in for a flying kick, but Nico counters with a fast energy blast. Nico’s eyes are now black with dark red pupils.

      Nico: HAAAAHAHAHA! DIE! DIE!!!
      Masutā: Snap out of it Nico!

      Vegeta goes for a physical assault on him. Nico knees him in the gut, and knocks him out back chopping at is neck. Masutā charges him and blasts him and teleports behind him.


      Nico knocks him out too.

      Nico: Now then! TIME TO DIE!!!! Kaioken times twenty!!!
      Masutā: Grr… oh no… d-don’t…

      Just then a mysterious red arcosian comes in and deflects the attack. He then catches it and destroys the energy.

      Nico: Hey!

      The arcosian knocks him out.

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      Ken Uchiha

      Do you still need villains if you do then i got you

      Mao Osere
      Race:id prefer to be saiyan but ill go with arcosian
      Appearance:In my final form my skin becomes black and red
      In my ultimate form im gold just like my grandfather freiza
      Powerlevel:as high or as low as you need it
      Skills:Im fast super fast thats my specialty im not super strong and my ki is a little above average.

      I might add a backstory or you can make on up

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      im gonna try to get a few chapters done this weekend ;D

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      Chapter 8: The Path to War

      Harpor and Kuriza are training on their way to earth, as are the many Cryogen clones.

      Harpor: Come on! Is that really all you’ve got!?!?
      Kuriza: (grr…) Yes sir!
      Harpor: Well you better improve soldier. Go on! fight the clones!
      Kuriza: Yes sir…

      (Keep in mind that these clones are twice as strong as the one that went to Earth with Nagoroth)

      Kuriza is in his 1st (Reverse) form. The clones prepare themselves for the onslaught.


      Saikyō runs into the chamber.

      Saikyō: Aww… I’m too late… aww well. I brought him.
      Trouse: Ugh… we know…

      Trouse struggles to stand, as the arcosian helps Masutā get up.

      Masutā: Wait… W-Where’s Nico!?!
      ???: Huh?

      They all look around but he is nowhere to be seen.

      Nico (Muffled & Demonic): Die!
      ???: He’s outside!
      Masutā: He must have left when you helped us!
      Bulla: AHHHHH!!!
      Masutā: Ahh! We gotta help her! Fast!
      Trouse: Hurry…
      The arcosian runs to Saikyō and grabs the senzus. He throws one to Trouse, Masutā, Vegeta, and Goku.

      Nico (Demonic): SUPER HELLZONE GRENADE!!
      ???: Ugh! I don’t know if I can stop this one!
      Masutā: What!?!? ugh… n-no way…
      Saikyō: We can still try!
      Trouse: huh?
      Saikyō & Vegeta: FINAL FLASH!!!
      Trouse: Right!
      Trouse & Goku: KAAA MEEE HAAA MEEE!!!
      Masutā: GREEN! SOLDIER!
      Everyone: HAAAAA!!!

      Just then Nico comes stumbling out of the time chamber.

      Nico: What happe- … umm… WHAT?!?!?
      Trouse: Nico!?!? But how??!?!
      Nico: I-Is that me!?!?
      Masutā: It must be an imposter!
      ???: No! It’s…

      <Harpor’s Ship>

      Harpor: Impressive Kuriza… You beat them all in under ten minutes…
      Kuriza (Worn out): Thank you.
      Harpor: But you being tired concerns me.
      Kuriza: Y-Yes sir, I will work on my ability to endur.
      Harpor: Good. Now, get in the healing chamber.
      Kuriza: Yes sir…

      Kuriza walks over the the healing machine. The machine resembles the ones Frieza had, but more high tech. Once he is in, Harpor closes and activates it. Once done with that he walks over to the chips of the clones. He picks one up and presses a button. When he does, all of the chips glow and disappear except the one he holds. He places the chip onto a computer and presses a button. The computer collects the chip and instantly starts a percentage count.
      Harpor: At this rate these guys will be as strong as me… hmm…


      Masutā: What!?!?!
      Nico: It’s actually me? But… I’m right here…
      ???: Help and I will explain after!!!

      The blast are all connected, and Nico is winning, even with a combo of two final flashes, three kamehameha waves, a green soldier, and an inferno spirit burst. By this point both Vegeta and Goku are ssj2 as ssj3 is too stressful for this situation. Masuta is in his Real form (the red one). The arcosian is in his 5th form. Bulla watches from a distance and gets an idea. She runs inside the house.

      Masutā: W-We can’t
      ???: D-Don’t give in Masutā!

      Bulla comes back out with the dragon balls.

      Bulla: Come out Shenlong! And grant me my wish.
      Shenlong: State you’re two wishes.

      Bulla makes her wish, and two golden white glowing sparks float down from the sky. When they land two figures appear. Masutā turns and falls in shock of who he sees. His old Master… Vegeta, along with Goku. Goku floats up with his arms up. Vegeta goes toward the clash and charges.

      Vegeta: Galik Gun! FIRE!!!

      This attack makes a huge difference, but it’s not enough.

      Nico: Oh? You brought reinforcements? AS WILL I!

      The good Nico’s eyes start glowing red. He stops firing, and flies next to the other him… they become one once more. The attack’s power doubles. Now Vegeta is at ssj1. Even like this they don’t stand a chance.

      Goku: Now Vegeta!
      Vegeta: Right!

      He stops and knocks everyone out of the way. Goku goes ssj1.

      Goku: Take this!
      Trouse: Wait! Don’t kill him!
      Masutā: It’s the spirit bomb. It won’t hurt the pure hearted side of him.
      Trouse: Really?!?!
      ???: Mhm…

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      I know this is kinda late, but idc xD.

      Name: Cervyx
      Age: 17
      Race: Saiyan
      Alignment: Good
      Backstory: Sent to planet Earth when a kid, just like Goku, but never found. Kept his power hidden and observed the Z-Fighters and their fights.
      Ki techniques/Normal Skills: Use various ki techniques, he usually never needs them due to his sheer speed and knowledge of his opponent.
      Power level: 15,000
      Personality: Never kills, laid back until the ones that he loves are on the line, then will do anything to win the fight. But he will kill if it will save Earth or the ones he loves.
      How he/she looks: Wears jeans and a t-shirt, short spiked brown hair, Hazel eyes.
      Gender: Male

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      Chapter nine:
      Move on?

      Goku fires the spirit bomb at Nico. It collides with him, but he is able to hold it back. Nico is pushing back with all his force. But Goku is in no good condition either. He is only in spirit form, making him have only a very small fraction of his natural strength.

      Goku: Argh! I- can’t! Hold- on!

      Masutā jumps up, and helps to stabilize the spirit bomb. Goku thanks him, but mentions the fact that it still isn’t doing much to him.

      Masutā: That is a good point… but how?
      Goku: I don’t know…

      Nico start smirking at his current opponent, the spirit bomb.

      Nico: HAHAHAHA!!!
      Masutā: Huh?

      All at once, Masutā fades out of consciousness, Vegeta and Goku disappear, Nico absorbs the spirit bomb into his energy pool, and Nico knocks out everyone but Trouse.

      Nico: Hehe… Haha… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
      Trouse: Why… Nico… I won’t let you get away with this!
      Nico: Please! I knocked everyone out in one attack, and absorbed the spirit bomb!
      Trouse: You know you can’t win Nico! You can’t kill me! Nor can you kill any of us!
      Nico: I can!
      Trouse: No you can’t! You don’t have the willpower! You know us! You have been my friend for a year now, and our bond is unbreakable! And now! You will not win Nico! I will!
      Nico: Yeah right!
      Trouse: Remember this!?!? NOVA FLARE!
      Nico: What!!??!?

      The scarlet light blinds Nico, he didn’t close his eyes, he knew it wouldn’t change a thing.

      Nico: ARGHAHHHH!!!

      Trouse is entirely exhausted, as he had put everything into that attack. They charge at each other at full speed. They attack each other with such full force, and speed, that the immediate area starts to shake. Each blow from either one gets blocked. Nico was majorly broken down from the nova flare. Neither side looked to be letting up. They stop and stare at each other.

      Nico: I’ll admit, you are doing much better than I thought.
      Trouse: I’m just getting started! KAIOKEN TIMES TEN!!!

      <Harpor’s Ship>

      Harpor: This is perfect…
      Kuriza: What is happening sir?
      Harpor: We appear to be under attack.
      Kuriza: W-Why are you smiling sir?
      Harpor: Heh, you see… you have no need to do anything my young apprentice. For I shall get to fight! Watch and learn!

      Kuriza watches in horror as his emperor readys for battle. Harpor stands in front of his opponents.

      Harpor: So… You dare challenge my army?


      Trouse flies at Nico, and without hesitation he punches him. Nico retaliates with a kick. They both start punching and kicking rapidly. Neither one showing sign of weakness. Trouse knees Nico, and blasts him. He flies a few meters away.

      Trouse: Nova Flare!!!
      Nico: Not this time!

      Nico teleports behind Trouse and hammers him in the spine. Trouse falls to the ground with a huge crash.

      Nico: And now! For the grand finale!

      As Nico charges his blast, Masutā rises from the dust. His eyes are closed. As he slowly floats up, Nico stops charging and watches. Masutā starts to glow. He turns a darker red.

      Masutā: You… will not… win… HAAAAAA!!!
      Nico: What!?!?!

      Masutā starts to glow a bright yellow.

      Masutā: If this is what it takes… THEN SO BE IT!!!
      Nico: N-No! What are you planning!?!?

      Masutā smirks an evil smirk, and says “You will see!” Masutā gets brighter and brighter by the second. Nico can sense his power rising. He knows it’s not enough.

      Masutā: SHINING SWORD!!!

      A bright sword shines and comes out of Masutā, whom has his eyes closed, with his arms and legs open like the body change technique. The sword flies at incredible speed and impales Nico. Trouse (Barely alive BTW) stands.

      Trouse: No!!!

      An enormous explosion blows everyone back. Trouse stands again, but he is in tears.

      Trouse: Nico!!!

      Just then he sees two figures falling from the sky. Masutā and Nico! They both are still alive physically. Trouse flies and catches them both. He sets them down gently. But he then falls over himself. Vegeta flies over to them and gives Trouse a senzu.

      Vegeta: Oh thank god you’re still alive!
      Trouse: What about them?
      Vegeta: I don’t have anymore senzu… Sorry…

      In pain Trouse says “No… it’s fine…” Saikyō flies over to them with the arcosian and Goku.

      Saikyō: I’ve got some senzu!
      Trouse: Quick!!

      They give them the senzus and watch in fear for their comrades.

      Nico: Ugh… w-what happened?
      Saikyō: You’re ok!!!

      Saikyō runs over to Nico and hugs him.

      Nico: Huh? T-The last thing I remember is fighting myself… both mentally and literally.

      Trouse is crying. Nico turns to see what’s wrong and starts breaking down to tears also. Everyone else (except the arcosian) does too, as they see Masutā glowing with particles emitting from him.

      Masutā: You have done well.
      Trouse: M-Masutā… why?
      Masutā: Burna will explain in due time… for now just move on.
      Nico: W-Why?
      Masutā: You don’t need me… you are all ready.
      Saikyō: What do you mean?
      Masutā: You all can stop this war. Nico, if you can master the angelic side of your powers, you can stop threats, while still in control of your body. Goku… Vegeta… You two are saiyans… You have limitless potential. Saikyō… You… well… you will see for yourself. And Trouse… You are the only one capable of leading this group. Build up our galactic rebellion, and stop Harpor… maybe then… I can return… to this dimension.

      Trouse looks at his master, wipes his tears, and nods.

      Masutā: Til then, I will continue to train on the north kaioshin’s planet. You all should continue training too… for Harpor isn’t gonna hold back. You have one year to prepare… use this time well.
      Nico: … Masutā…
      Masutā: Farewell… my friends…

      What was then Masutā, was now light. The light dissipated.

      Nico: What now…
      Trouse: We do as told…
      Nico: Huh?

      Trouse starts to glow with anger.

      Trouse: We will kill Harpor!!!

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