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      Before you start yelling at me like you yell at the Ultra instinct request-ers….this is more of just a idea I thought of while watching episode 128 and how I saw it work.

      I watched it(like most of us do) and noticed how UI(sort of) works.(I’ll be using DBC mechanics a little to help with this) it seems to be like a status effect much like SS green or Kaio-ken. I kinda feel like its not something you’re capable of learning from a master or anything, more similar to super form. I feel like its something you would get after having maxed all your stats, but you would first have to be at 0 health where your literally about to die, but there would be a 10% chance(configurable) that your character would instead(of dying) become ultra instinct with your health 75% full(also configurable) and in chat it could say something like: “You have successfully learned Ultra Instinct!”. With it giving a higher buff than SSB and kaio-ken x100(the default configuration) I don’t know the exact combined stat buff(because I altered them) but let’s put UI(v1) around 40% stronger than that and the auto dodge feature people have talked about, with a time limit of 5 minutes like ritual SSG. Then once that runs out you have a strain effect like kaio-ken as well. about 20 minutes. And in order to even use it again you would have to level up your new skill at least once. now v2 would be harder to use with a 7% chance and a 20 minute strain time, but the buff becomes about 70% higher than SSBKKx100(default) but you lose your auto dodge ability is no longer active, you have to do it yourself. Once this round runs out you have to level it up ONE MORE TIME with a 5% chance for it to re-surface. Where its a 85% buff with your auto dodge back(yaaaay auto dodge) and this would have a 5 minute strain time but when it runs out instead of turning normal you turn to “mastered” Ultra instinct with a 100% buff, you get to keep your auto dodge with your hair turning silver (or was it white, I cant tell from the last few moments of the episode) And with this being the complete mastery of the form there is no longer a strain, nor time limit.

      So! Tell me what you guy’s think about my whole concept of Ultra instinct! I know it’ll be a hell of a long time before the form’s released, but personally I would rather have Super Saiyan Blue Beyond first rather this form. ONE LAST THING! A moment of silence for Hiromi Tsuru, the japanese voice actor for Bulma for over three decades has died November 16, 2017(I didn’t know this, sorry if i’m late to the party, I had no internet) Aya Hisakawa, who voiced Sailor Mercury from Sailormoon and Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura will now be voicing Bulma (still crying over here ;^;)… But I would love feedback on this concept o’ mine.

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      Sam Noé

      Well I’ve stopped watching DBS at Hit vs Jiren so I can’t tell if your idea respects the anime, but that looks neat. You can’t keep it forever right off the bat and just be OP as fuck, you gotta work for it (nah actually it’s pure luck).
      Still I’ve never been convinced by auto dodge and still am not. It looks cool and all in anime but hey it’s a game here.
      Implementing auto dodge could be done by nullifying received damage, so while not being as sexy as the anime it’s possible. The problem is that it makes you immortal.
      At the beginning if Goku started to think about his moves again the auto dodge was over. But once mastered ? In game ? You’d be intouchable ! Nah man it’s too OP even for late game.
      In other words, studied and wise balance will be needed if the auto dodge feature is added.

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        Maybe there’s a set chance to dodge? Say… 25% chance to just take no damage or side step.

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      Wow I’m stupid. It took me way to long to realise you were talking about Ultra Instinct and not User Interface lol. Cool idea tho.

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      Yeah, Jin has been looking at this a lot. Thinking of UI as more of a passive than a transformation.

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        Cool, maybe you can’t transform when the passive becomes active. That way there’s no form combination, like kaiokenx100+UI+SSB/R. Cause that’s just too powerful…

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      Marcel Agughioaiei

      The ultra instinct change should be active until the player is stronger as a ssjb/ssjg or God ki,And even more people say that UI is an TECHNIQUE not a FORM, so maybe it can be used with others forms and be more OP,UI shouldn’t be OP like sh*t, maybe really strong but not that really.

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        I don’t understand what you’re saying… It must be all the tales of zestiria I’m playing… But what I’m getting out of what you said is “people should stay ultra instinct until they gain a different form” but that’s my brain malfunctioning, try retyping that for me.

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