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    So I know a lot of people can give two craps about naruto c but just think about the good number few who play on it. Can you please nerf the hyuga the problem is that one touch from them they take all your chakra away and possibly putting you at 0%. Mean while clanless is useless my opinion they should have more slots. Uchiha well maybe a higher defense or not touched at all. But yea so back to my point. The hyuga are so broken in the mod a low level hyuga can take all my chakra if I was max. But this when they don’t have their byakugan on. So it doesn’t make any sense at all. Could you just nerf the hyuga by them taking all of our chakra. Because it a srsly a big advantage to be a hyuga but clanless and even uchiha are useless in that matter.

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