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      Hello all!

      This suggestion is for the Humans, Saiyans and Half-Saiyans to get a new face texture layout. I don’t know how possible what I’m about to suggest is, but here we go!

      I work on a HD texture pack for DBC myself, and I know that having slots for these textures would be much appreciated! I’ll be using the layout Jin used for Arcosian textures as refrence. This idea was created with the HD textures for them in mind.

      I think the face should consist of 9 layers (A lot, I know. Currently there are 6)
      w – this would remain the same. Eye shape with a hair colour multiplier.
      b – this would remain the same. Eye white space with no colour multiplier.
      l, r, n and m – these would also all remain the same too etc etc.

      The new layers would be:
      f – Face shading. Basically a rectangle that is behind the eye textures. There would be multiple variations of this, different shadings for each eye type. It would have a skin tone colour multiplier.
      p – pupils. No colour multiplication. I was thinking this could act the same as masks do for 5th form arcosians. Such as it would have the texture code with an ‘a’ or ‘p’ at the end to show this is the pupil texture for this eye. (Also it would turn on and off in game as well)
      t – This would be for teeth and tongues for the mouth texture. No colour multiplication. Gives us that option to add more unique mouth textures.

      So that’s the main idea… However it would also be cool if we could get this for every few transformations as well, like how arcosians have 2 eye options for their 1st, Final, fifth and golden forms. It allows your expression to change with almost each transformation!

      0 – is for base + Super Saiyan God
      1 – is for Super Saiyan + Super Saiyan Blue
      2 – is for Super Saiyan 2 + Potential Unleashed + Ultra Instinct
      3 – is for Super Saiyan 3
      4 – is for Super Saiyan 4

      Examples of how these codes would look:
      0w0 : This would be, base form, eye texture, type 0
      2r1 : This would be SSJ2, right eye, type 1
      3r1a : This would be SSJ3, right eye, pupil

      The total number of textures is fairly high (about 54 per form I think? If you go with 6 eye types, 5 mouths and 5 noses)

      I don’t know how possible this is, whether is already planned or just simply not a popular enough concept to put it very high on the to do list, but I liked this idea and wanted to share it. Tell me what you think?

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      0w0 what’s this?

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        The first option for eyes in base form.

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      Son Brick

      Much interesting.

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      Good ideea i tought for this too

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