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      One or two people on this forum may remember a post I made on this same topic a long while back (More than a year a go, I think?), it was pretty rambling and I was kind of sleep
      deprived while I made it so it didn’t really come out the way I wanted. So after a long
      time thinking hopefully this post is better than my last one…

      Humans are the challenge race, plain and simple. you play as a human when you don’t want to be super overpowered and/or when you really want to feel like you’ve EARNED what you have.
      However, there are many who would like to see humans have at least some kind of advantage over the other playable races, but haven’t really been able to concretely decide on one single, viable to program, lore friendly solution that still keeps humans status as the challenge race (at least, not that I’ve seen… and I don’t think that ‘Buff-Form’
      really counts.). I will take a crack at suggesting that solution and I believe that the answer is… Science!

      Humans (and by extension half-saiyans) in DBZ cannon clearly seem to have a great academic and scientific aptitude/potential, with Capsule-Corp boasting what is probably some of the most advanced tech in the DBZ universe. So in lore terms, this can definitely check out.

      So, in terms of in-game benefits, I think this can translate to thing like:
      -Human NPCs like Bulma and Dr.Gero can teach the player the ‘Science!’ skill, which can be
      acquired by any race, but for humans the cost is greatly reduced, with the cost
      reductions per race looking something like; Humans: 75% off, Half-Saiyans: 40% off,
      Arcosians/Namekians: 0% off, Full-Saiyans: 30% extra cost (but unique access to the

      -Every rank of the ‘Science!’ skill unlocks new tech related crafting recipes (things like
      the gravity machine/enemy hologram protector, high tier tech-chips, android/cyborg parts,

      -Humans should be the easiest race to convert into a cyborg/android/bio-android, but lose
      the full challenge mode status by being labeled as such. Instead of just being a Human,
      they would be a Human-Cyborg or Human-Android (not entirely giving up the challenge, but
      still giving up some of it). All other races would be tagged as such as well;
      Saiyan-Android/Cyborg, etc. Bio-android is basically another race all it’s own, so by it’s
      very nature the player would be invalidating the challenge of the Human playthrough by
      becoming one.

      -When Humans become cyborgs, they can just pop in a part or an entire limb and it will just
      work without any additional hassle. Other races need to craft modified versions of their
      parts specific to their race to avoid their parts getting damaged or exploding in their
      bodies due to massive powerspikes/transformations, Namekians needing ‘Stretchy’ parts,
      Arcosains needing ‘Morphing’ parts, and (half)Saiyans needing ‘High Capacity’ parts.

      -At a certain level of the ‘Science!’ skill, when a human uses a potion, it’s effects
      (buffs and debuffs) are changed to a percentile instead of a flat number when
      applied to themselves or an enemy (but not by an enemy), thus making potions
      an actually somewhat useful mechanic again . The boosts shouldn’t be huge and should be
      less effective for Human-Androids, but they should still be worth the inventory space.
      something like; Strength: +%20 physical damage (limbs take less damage?), Healing: heal
      25% of stamina/limbHP, Regeneration: slowly heals equal to 50% of maxHP/limbHP, Harming:
      depletes 20% of targets stamina and makes limb condition yellow (cannot make limbs go
      beyond yellow), Poison: stops target stamina from regenerating naturally (items/techniques
      would have to be used to regen), Weakness: -20% physical damage (limbs take more damage?).
      (if this seems kind of over powered just realize how hard it would be to actually hit
      someone with even just one splash potion, even more so to avoid hitting yourself as well!
      also milk exists.)

      Moving on completely to cyborgs and androids. As I’ve mentioned previously, when one’s
      character becomes a Cyborg or Android their race title should be updated to say as much.
      This doesn’t matter too much for any race other than human, but it should still definitely be a thing.

      A character becomes a Cyborg when one or more synthetic limbs have been added to one’s
      body, but at least one organic limb still remains.
      A character becomes an Android when every single limb (arms, legs, torso and head) have all
      been replaced with synthetic parts.
      A character who has synthetic legs, torso, head, one synthetic arm, and one organic arm
      that gets their organic arm cut off (thus having only synthetic parts) still counts as a
      Cyborg, not an Android.

      Synthetic limbs should by default be more durable than organic limbs, but do not regenerate naturally, and can cannot be healed by potions or healing items.
      Synthetic limbs should have tiers, deciding how durable they are and how many upgrade slots
      they have. (Tier number = number of slots?)
      When a synthetic limb is cut off it and it’s upgrades should drop to the ground as an item
      so they can be repaired/salvaged/jacked by other players.
      Synthetic limbs that are not cut off, but reach 0 durability explode. Permanently
      destroying the limb and it’s upgrades, and damaging the host player.

      To apply synthetic limbs to a character one should need to build a multiblock-structure
      consisting of 1 Surgery Table(acts like a bed when used alone), 2 Robotic arms(grabs entities in front of it when powered) on both sides of the Surgery Table, and 1 Control Monitor(can toggle on/off nearby devices like the gravity controller, etc) at the foot of the Surgery Table.
      Right clicking on the completed structure would bring up a GUI showing your character’s
      limbs, where they can be replaced or have upgrades placed in them.

      Limb upgrades should be things like:
      -Iron/Gold/Diamond plating: changes the colour of the upgraded limb as well as adding

      -Ki-Storage Unit: increases maximum Ki, decreases maximum Ki when limb containing this
      upgrade is crippled. (As in, it takes away more max ki then it gives you when the limb
      it’s in is crippled)

      -Supercharged Pistons: Increased Physical damage and knockback at the cost of durability.
      (increased jump height and speed as well when placed in legs?)

      -Ki-focusing Crystal: Increased Ki damage and unlocks certain special attacks (such as
      Ki-Drain) at the cost of durability. (Ki-draining with your feet should totally be
      possible, right…?)

      -Neuro Data Storage: Gain an extra Ki attack/Special attack slot at the cost of durability,
      extra slot(s) is locked off when head is crippled.
      (head only, obviously…)

      -Enhanced Sensors: Built in scouter vision (with all the chance of exploding that brings),
      night vision, and resistance to blindness (potions and solar-flair).

      -Nano-Bots: Allows placed in synthetic limb to regenerate durability but still cannot be
      healed via potions/senzu beans.

      -Robo-Repair Kit: Not an upgrade but just a regular item that can be used to bring up all
      synthetic limbs by one colour condition (red to orange to yellow to green), or fully
      repair one broken limb when placed with it in a crafting grid.

      In order to become a Bio-Android, one does not necessarily need to become a cyborg or
      android beforehand. To become a Bio-Android, one needs Battle-Data and DNA from powerful
      characters of every race (players and/or NPCs), and a ‘Science! Vat’ to mix them all

      Battle-Data can be collected as a semi-rare drop from a player/NPC by killing them with a Scouter (or Enhanced-Sensors) on.

      DNA can be obtained just by punching a player or NPC with a Needle item.

      The ‘Science! Vat’ should require the ‘Science!’ skill to be maxed out in order to be

      When the Battle-Data and DNA are mixed into the Vat the player will have to wait a few
      in-game days for the body to grow. When the body is fully grown the player can right click the Vat to begin the process of putting their brain into the new body, which has a chance

      1. Just work.
      2. Kill the player. (not too bad on normal difficulties, but very risky on Hardcore)
      3. Destroy the body in the tank.

      The more Training Points and Battle Power a player has before attempting the procedure will increase the chance of success. Humans should also have a higher chance of success.

      When the player becomes a Bio-Android they are brought to the character creation screen
      again, where they can select their main and secondary colours. The players race is also
      changed to ‘Imperfect Bio-Android’.

      When the player is reborn as an Imperfect Bio-Android they are reset back to level 0, but retain 10% of the stats they had prior to the procedure, meaning that despite the high level 0 stats, Bio-Androids will still level up extremely fast.

      Bio-Androids cannot gain TP via training at all. Instead, Bio-Androids must absorb Hostile
      NPCs or other Players to gain TP, With TP gain dependent on the absorbed mob’s BP.

      Bio-Androids start with the transformation skill at rank 0. Upgrading the transformation skill should be very expensive as the transformation up to Semi-Perfect and Perfect form is permanent until the player dies.

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      Huh, some of the formatting on the post got messed up with line breaks where there shouldn’t
      be… I can’t seem to find the cause just from editing the post, sorry if it bugs anyone!

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      You should repost that with proper formatting, that’d be easier to read.
      This being said, Bio-Androids should be able to train normally once they reach Perfect state. Outta that there’s nothing to add, everything looks good.

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      Reaaaaaaaaaaaly hard to get the android,cyborg or bioandroid but it would be cool + a hard way would be perfect because maybe a little overpowered xD but dont expect too much i think jinryuu would be too lazy to do that sooo even if i would love the consept i don’t trust jinryuu on that if he wants to do it because i think he would be too lazy and only do the striiiiiiict minimum :/

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      I like how it presents a challenge and reward to getting bio-android. The Science skill is great too, giving humans an advantage that’s not specifically combat based. I love the idea of earning the ability to play as bio-android. So long story short, I support.

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