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      … humans are weak as shit …
      lets fix that

      ok so here is my esppesially stupid idea!
      so firstly, there should be a master tien, who only teaches humans
      his skills are
      – normal ki blast
      – dodon ray – lo ki useage, fast speed, fast charge, set on fire for 2 secs, 2 sec cooldown
      – multiform – clones like naruto c i guess
      – tribeam – fast charge (but can go longer for more dmg), high dmg, stun, 4 sec cooldown, instant, aoe
      – solar flare – 6 second blindness
      – kamehameha – normal

      secondly humans should have an ability like adrenalin
      – after getting to 50% hp dodge 5% of all dmg and boost both speed and strength related stats *2 for 10 secs

      and when out of ki can use hp to continue firing attacks

      even though these ideas will likely not be added, i sure do hope that one day this may serve as inspiration to ben so that we HUMANS CAN TAKE REVENGE!

      thnx 184 ūüôā

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      As much as I love Humans, anything Tien would teach could pretty much be learned by any race.
      As for that adrenalin thing, it really feels random and just here to try put humans on par with other races, which will most likely never happen.
      That’s the problem of humans, they don’t any specific perks or inner abilities, not without androidification (and that would make them Androids, not Humans anymore, and also it can be done with any race).
      The idea of humans being able to efficientely use a variety of technologies and crazy techniques would be neat tho.

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      For the tien thing, i meant in reference to tiens ki school, though in all honesty tien would have no trouble teaching the other races.

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      Thanks though, if i think about it properly, it’s near impossible to balance out humans unless we pull out filler material, like krillins calm ki form

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      We could make humans more fun i guess, with things like werewolfism, tanks, power pole pro, and according to wiki only humans can use no ego zone (krillin move)

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